Mi Fu's "Chapter Letter to the Queen Mother", paper, small characters in regular script, 30.2 cm in length and 22.3 cm in width, collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing.
  Mi Fu's "Commentary to the Queen Mother" was written when he was fifty-one years old. Its knotted characters are between regular script and regular script, and its brushwork is refined. As the predecessors said: "The brush is as polished as iron, but the graceful air is flowing in the line, and the elegance and splendor are like the gods of Daling (Wang Xianzhi). It is Nangong's favorite pen." Mi Exquisite regular script like Fu is extremely rare. Ye Gongchuo's "Song Mi Yuanzhang's "Elegy to the Empress Dowager" records: "Mi Yuanzhang's calligraphy is best in small regular script, but there is only one extant, namely "Elegy to the Empress Dowager". In fact, it is also in regular script. This is This object had never entered the imperial court of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties before, so it was taboo to write an elegiac poem." This "elegy" was "originally kept by Duan Fang, and later returned to Jingpu Sun, and then to Yuan Juesheng. After Yuan's death, Later, it passed into the hands of Zhou Xiangyun, a native of Yin. The volumes of poems of Wen and Yelu Chucai were all put into the Palace Museum."

Empress Dowager Daxing's elegy
The truth about Yu Qingyuan, please help me
It’s early to know how many rolls of foil there are,
The dragon rises.
Jingde group is shaken by evil spirits,
Be pure of heart and cherish future generations.
I want to repay my great kindness,
Holy filial piety has passed its mark.
Right one.
Strong and honest law
Bao Ci. Support and push
Holy, Zhao Che Tuo Gong Lu. Nan Ji returns to his loyal soul,
east facing foot
Plain rules.
Ren Mingcun
Old, always the same
When patching the sky.
It was proposed that Lang Chong, Jianghuai, Jingzhe and other roads, should be appointed as the shipping director, Gou Wenwuqiwei, and be given the Feiyu baggage minister Mi Fu to advance.