"Fangyuan An Ji" On April 9, the sixth year of Yuanfeng in the Song Dynasty (1083), Master Shouyi, a monk from Nanshan, Hangzhou, went to Fangyuan An, the residence of Biancai in Longjing Shoushengyuan, to pay a visit to Biancai. The two lectured on the scriptures and talked about ancient scriptures, which was very speculative. For this reason, Shouyi wrote the article "The Notes of Fangyuan Temple in Longjing Mountain" to commemorate it. This stele was written by Mi Fu. The original stone was carved in the sixth year of Yuanfeng (1083) in the Northern Song Dynasty. The calligraphy is plump and graceful, and is a masterpiece of Mi Fu's "Ji Gu Zi" period. Most of the calligraphy comes from Ji Wang's holy teaching, which is quite interesting.