"Two Postscripts for Reinstatement of Coral", the front is "Coral Post", and the "Post for Reinstatement" is appended, paper, ink, and running script; respectively, length 26.6cm, width 47. Icm; vertical 27. Icm, horizontal 49. Gcm. In 1956, Mr. Zhang Boju (1897-1982), a famous industrialist and collector, donated it to the Cultural Relics Bureau of the Ministry of Culture for collection in the Palace Museum.

 Mi Fu was good at ink landscape painting, but the traces of Mi Fu's paintings do not exist in the world. The only thing we can see today is hardly a "rice painting" in the true sense - "Coral Tie", which depicts a coral pen stand with the word "Golden Sitting" written on the left. This post is full of the ecstasy of receiving a treasure of famous paintings, with flowing lines and high spirits. When he wrote "a branch of coral", he couldn't help but add more strokes. Then Mi Fu suddenly used painting instead of writing. It seemed that he was still not satisfied, so he added a poem: "Three branches of red grass emerge from the golden sand, from the family of Tianzhi Jiexiang. On that day, I was blessed with a pre-named list. I am ashamed of it." There are no five-color pen flowers." The joyful feelings are vividly displayed on the paper. When Mi Fu paints, he paints them casually, just like in "Coral Tie". Examples of random scribbling between the lines can also be found in "Tiewei Shan Cong Tan". It is said that Mi Fu wrote a post to Cai Jing about the pain of being homeless and casually drew a small boat in the text. This is the performance of literati and ink opera.

  This post was written by Mi Fu in his later years. He is considered to be Mi Fu's "Mo Huang". His handwriting is particularly strange and elegant. He writes casually and has a natural charm. The pen is rich, bold and strong, broad and sparse. For example, Yu Ji of the Yuan Dynasty commented: "The spirit is high and the muscles are strong, and the laws of the Jin and Wei Dynasties are self-organized." Shi Guangyuan of the Yuan Dynasty called it "an unforgettable masterpiece in Mi Shu and the best in the world."

  The writing material used in "Coral Tie" is also very special. It uses bamboo paper, which is light yellow and has many bamboo fiber bundles on the paper. It is said that this is the earliest work written on bamboo paper found so far.

  According to textual research, the "Reinstatement Note" was dated to May of the third year of Chongning (1104). There are thirteen lines, a total of 90 words. The size of the fonts is staggered, and the characters are steeply placed on the sides. They can move left and right with ease, but there is absolutely no air of artificiality. They are like a sketch by a Western art master, with the same approach but the same purpose.
 "Two Notes on the Reinstatement of Coral" was collected by Guo Tianxi, Ji Zongyuan, Shi Guangyuan, and Xiao Jixin of the Yuan Dynasty, and Qingbiao, Wang Hongxu, An Qi, Yongxuan, and Pei Boqian of the Qing Dynasty. Later he returned to Zhang Boju. In 1956, Zhang Boju donated it to the Cultural Relics Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and transferred it to the Palace Museum. "Mo Yuan Hui Guan", "A Spectacular Life", "Yun Yan Passing Eyes", "Da Guan Lu", "Zhuang Tao Pavilion Calligraphy and Painting Records" are recorded.


"Coral Tie" - contains Zhang Sengyao Tianwang, inscribed by Xue Ji; Yan Erwu, Le Lao Chu Yuan directly obtained it. Also included are paintings of Jing Wen asking for courtesy, also paintings of the Six Dynasties. A branch of coral (a pen stand painted with coral, and the word "Golden Sitting" written next to it). Three branches of red grass emerge from the golden sand, which comes from the family of Tianzhi Jiexiang. On that day, I was blessed with a pre-named list, and I was ashamed not to have five-color pen-headed flowers.

"Reinstatement Notice" - Reinstatement after one year, I don't know whether it was a self-declaration or a self-examination notice. If you need to explain yourself, please make a statement and tell the public. So far, Fu has not seen any words about the crime, and he does not know the reason for the crime. The only words in the petition are that he will be demoted to an official position. It has been a year now. The announcement was made on July 13th. Or it may be heard that the restoration of the official position begins with the command day, so the command will be in early May, and the report will be in the seventh month.