Mi Fu's "Zhong Tie" (also known as "Zhi Jing Wen Xi Gong Your Excellency's Ruled Slips" and "Tian Ji Bi Miao Tie") is written in cursive script. Paper. A letter. The appointment was made in the sixth year of Yuanyou (1091), the reign of Emperor Zhezong of the Northern Song Dynasty. The length is 28.4 cm and the width is 39.5 cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.
[Explanation] Nangong Tianji’s writing is wonderful (Xianyu Shu)
How about the plain paper in the fuhui?
It belongs to the Li family in Chang'an.
Wang Qibu and Xue Daozu met. convenient
Jingyun. He is also the one who returned from Li to the Huang family. Fu
Purchased from Ren Taoist. One year delivery in Yangzhou
There are more than a hundred wines. No matter what else. post
I also tasted it. As promised. that is, parallel
superior. Yanshan will return tomorrow. More begging
A word. Fu paused and bowed again.
His Excellency Mr. Jing Wenxi.