Mi Fu's "Poetry Volume in front of Zhuqian and Huaihou" in running script. Paper. 29.5 cm in length and 31.5 cm in width. Collection of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Mi Fu's "Poetry Scroll in front of Zhuqian and Huaihou" is also known as "Zhi Xi Sheng Wu Ying You Chi Shou" and "Fei Cai Dang Drama Post".

Fu Feicai is a dramatist, and he is very close to you.
*Of course, than think
Celebrate the service and increase the victory for the Tao. The small poem is based on
Send it.
I wish to express my gratitude to my heroic friends. Fu Shang.
The locust tree in front of the bamboo is overcast at noon, and the pot is
He led Huaxu back and forth many times. Yaxing
If you want to be a guest utensil, you can be harmonious and free.