Part of "Cursive Poems" in scroll form, collected by Shanghai Library. The paper height is 20·5CM and the roll length is 355·5CM. This is a seven-character long poem written by him as a gift to a friend. It is signed "Hong Shou's calligraphy" at the end and bears the seal of "Chen's Hong Shou". "Baoluntang Collection" is not included. This scroll was originally an artifact of "Songjun" and was later collected by Yang Han and his relative Zhang Daqian in Wanping, Qing Dynasty. It was signed and signed "Xike layman obtained Songjun and offered it to Dafeng Hall". At the end of the scroll, there is a seal saying "In "Fengtang Changwu" imprint, with the inscriptions of Ye Gongchuo and Song Yu.