"Peony Ode" in running script by Zhu Yunming is 30.6 cm long and 529.6 cm wide. Collection of the Palace Museum

  This volume of cursive script "Ode to Peony" has a self-titled saying: "Looking at the sun in the third month of spring in Jiashen, I passed by Tang's West Garden to see the peonies in full bloom. The court drank wine and came out with paper to read Shu Yuanyu's Peony Ode, so I wrote this Return it. "Yun Ming", and seal the two seals "Xizhe" and "Baoshan Zhenyi". It can be seen that this volume was requested by a friend and contains the famous literary work "Ode to Peony" written by Shu Yuanyu of Tang Dynasty. It was written on March 15th in Jiashen, Jiajing (1524), when Zhu was sixty-five years old. This volume is collected by the Palace Museum and measures 30.6 cm in length and 529.6 cm in width. There is a hidden seal of "Chang Bo's Income" on the seal.

  Explanation of "Ode to Peony":

  The ancients talked about flowers, but peonies have never been the same. The cover is far away from the mountains, and it is hidden in the secluded place. If you think it's valuable, how can you find flowers? The hometown of the Queen of Heaven is on the Xihe River. There are peonies under the Jingshe, which is very special. The Queen of Heaven sighed that there was a gap in the garden, so she ordered it to be transplanted. Since then, peonies in Beijing have become more and more prosperous. Nowadays, it has been banned from the government offices, and extended to the homes of common people. It is like a flood in the four rivers, and it is unknown where it will end. Every late spring month, people traveling around are also one of the things that makes the country prosperous. Modern scribes wrote poems to describe it, but no one was able to describe it. I only endowed it with great beauty. Or you might say: My son always promised himself his husband’s merits, but now he is so passionate about a flower, is he still caring about his children? Yu Yingzhi said: My son has never seen Zhang Jingzhou as a human being? People here trust their husbands. However, I looked at the first of his collected works and found "Ode to Lychee". Yan. Lychees are indeed beautiful, but they don't produce a single fruit. How are they different from peonies? But when asked what the purpose of the poem was, why would it hurt me to write the peony poem? Maybe it was wrong, so I wrote it to show it.
  Yuan Xuan Rui Jing, there are stars and scenery, there are clouds and Qing. Its light droops and forms when it meets the flow. If you get it from grass and trees, it will turn into red ying. Ying is very red, like peony. It is like Myron, and the country's fragrance bullies Orchid. I study things and observe them step by step. The weather is very cool in late spring, and the green buds are like pearls. Qinglu and night. Shaoguang dawn drives. The turbulent branches are like unblocking condensation, all the meridians are smooth, and the Qi is unstoppable. Being angry suddenly is like venting your anger. The beauty is spread out, and the sun shines brightly. Beautiful skin, smooth body, perfect in every condition. The red one is like the sun, the white one is like the moon. The light ones are like He, and the Yin ones are like blood. Those who approach are like greetings, and those who are carrying away are like farewell. The one who swallows is like a speech, and the one who holds it is like a swallow. Those who bow down feel sad, and those who look up feel happy. The curling one is like dancing, the side one is like falling. The subdued one is like being drunk, the crooked one is like breaking. The dense one is like weaving, the sparse one is like missing. The fresh ones are like a wash, and the miserable ones are like farewell. It is hazy at first and then goes up and down, and then it is scaly and overlapping. Brocade quilts cover each other, and embroidered tents are connected. The clear cage is full of smoke during the day, and the night is full of dew. It may be scorching and graceful, or it may be graceful and graceful. It may sound like a move, or it may seem like thinking, or it may sound like singing in the wind, or it may sound like sadness. It may be as heavy as a feather, or it may be as dead as a robe. Either they are standing in front of the sun, or they are looking at their shadows in the pond. Perhaps the pheasant has been tamed, or the majestic phoenix is ​​about to fly. There are so many different things about him, can Hu make an argument? If you don’t peek into the heavenly mansion, how can you see it? I met Sun Wu and came here to teach him how to fight. What does it mean to teach war? Shake the fiber. The wind is full of rotting jade, and the flowing clouds form waves. There are many steps and terraces, thousands of flowers and trees. Xizi Nanwei, Luo Shen Xiang'e. Either leaning or supporting, the color is red. Each dazzles with red vats, vying for beauty. Burning brightly, meanderingly. There are three thousand palaces in the Han Dynasty, and there are beautiful stars and rivers. I have seen that there are few of them, but it is said that there are many. The colors are bright and the scenery is parallel to the shoulders. There are silver candles on the mat, and crimson smoke rises from the furnace. The real person in Dongfu meets the immortals. Crystals come and go, and money is listed in gold vats. They looked at each other and never spoke. Before it rains, the eclipta will be startled. The public house and the Hou family are listed like hemp. Spend thousands of dollars to buy this prosperity. Don't worry about it all day long, and praise each other with every word. In the columned courtyard, the clouds bloom after every step. The veranda has heavy beams and pines and bamboos. It's like being stored in a deep boudoir, like being separated by a window screen, like a concubine resting, and a baby in the pavilion. When I come to see it, it's like riding on a fairy chariot. My pulse is silent, and the sun is setting late. Tourists on Jiuqu, horses and chariots. There is wine like a cup, and thousands of people sit and sing. When you are drunk, you will compete. Who knows what else is going on? In terms of flowers, this flower ranks first. Fall off the group and monopolize the spring day. Its size is large and its fragrance fills the room. The leaves are like green feathers, embracing the comb. The stamens are like gold dust, adorning the beauty. The rose dies of shame, and the peony is lost. The young peaches are gathered together, and the plum trees are ashamed to come out. The wandering night collapses, and Mulan escapes. Zhu Hibiscus is discouraged, Ziwei kneels down, they all give way to others, how dare you be jealous? Huanhu! Beautiful! It is also the product of later soil. To make its flowers so magnificent, why were the previous generations so lonely and unheard of them? Now there is great prosperity. The life of the grass and trees is sometimes blocked, and sometimes it is opened? I want to ask you, is the life of the grass and trees born? You don't say anything, just stay and wander around.
  In the third month of spring in Jiashen, I looked at the sun and passed by Tang's Western Garden to see the peonies in full bloom. The imperial court drank wine for the first time and took out the paper to ask for Shu Yuanyu's "Ode to Peony", so he wrote it back. Yun Ming.