Volume 20 of Sanxitang Dharma Calligraphy, Li Bai's "Song of Xiangyang", running script, collected in the Palace Museum, with printed version. ......Li Bai's "Song of Xiangyang", running script. Together with the book written by Dr. Yanming and the book written by my brother and professor in the 22nd volume later, it is included in the "Zhao Mengfu Collection" and can be found in Volume 21 of the first edition of "Shiqu Baoji". The writing in this post is loose, the writing is weak, and the level is very low. It is far away from Zhao. It should be a fake forged by people in the Ming Dynasty.

This is Li Bai's "Song of Xiangyang" written by Mr. Zhao Ziang. The old biography "Song of Xiangyang" is a drinking song written by Li Bai between the 13th and 15th years of Kaiyuan. The song fully reveals Li Bai's romantic, uninhibited, bold and individual style of writing.

The setting sun is about to disappear in Shanxi, and the flowers are lost in the fence. Children in Xiangyang clapped their hands together and blocked the street to sing about the white copper shoes. People nearby asked him what he was laughing at, but he laughed and killed the monkey, who was as drunk as mud. Crane, crane and wolfberry, dead goose cup, one hundred years and twenty-six thousand days, two hundred cups must be poured out in one day. Seen from a distance, the duck's head green in Hanshui looks like the first shade of vinegar in the grapevine. If this river turns into spring wine, the Wei Dynasty will build ruins. A rich horse is exchanged for a young concubine, and a drunken person sits on a carved saddle and sings about falling plum blossoms. Beside the car is a pot of wine with cinnamon, and the phoenix, sheng, and dragon pipes are urging each other. The yellow dogs sighing in Xianyang City are like golden stacks under the moon. Don't you see that Yang Gong in the Jin Dynasty is a piece of stone, and the glans is peeling off and covered with berry moss. Tears cannot fall for it, and the heart cannot mourn for it. Gaoneng is worried about what happened after his death. The golden bird and silver duck are buried in ashes. The cool breeze and bright moon don't cost a cent, and Yushan falls by itself and is not recommended by others. Shuzhou wolfberry, strong man and spear, Li Bai and you live and die together. The clouds and rain of King Xiang are here now, and the rivers flow eastward and the apes sound at night. Zi Ang