Bai Yan's Poetry Scroll in Running Script. Paper, length 264.1, width 73.5 cm. Collection of Zhejiang Tianyige Museum.

Interpretation: Friends may change for a while, but encounters are rare by sea and air. The Han Dynasty sent the old man to Yumen, and Concubine Zhao waited for people to return on a snowy night. Back in the lonely summer, the cold color is shaking, and the feathers are gradually visible in the autumn sky. Knowing that the rich family has no trust, the Jade Tower will fly high in the sky. Bai Yansan. Big ring.

There are seven rhymes in Bai Yan's poem in running script. It originally had four axes, and this is the third axis. The title is "Bai Yan San". It is written with sheep's hair. It has sufficient energy and balanced structure. The lines of each word have an upright spirit, and the writing style is like a moving dragon. Snake, integrated. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Dai praised: "In the past, people said that Mojie's poems have paintings within the poems, and there are poems within the paintings. I also said that the books of Ivy Teng have paintings in the books, and the paintings of Ivy Teng have books within the paintings." The inscription is "Dahuan", and there are two seals in white with "Tianchi Shanren" and "Qingteng Taoist".