In what year did Gu Hutou paint all the murals in Yingzhou? The atmosphere of red sun and stone forest, the blue sky and the current of river and sea. The flying tin is often close to the crane, and the cup does not scare the gulls. It seems that I have found the road to Lushan Mountain, and I really traveled far away with Hui. Rui Tu, Zhang Rui Tuyin (white), Fanghe Pavilion (red)

About the Author
  Zhang Ruitu (1570-1641), also known as Changgong and Wuhua, also known as Ershui, also known as Guotingshanren, Jiezi, Baihao Temple Master, Baihao Temple Master Taoist, etc. A native of Xiaxing Township, the 27th capital of Jinjiang (now Xixing, Lianyu, Qingyang Town). Born in Gengwu (1570), the fourth year of Emperor Mu Zong's reign in the Ming Dynasty, he is a famous calligrapher and painter. "History of the Ming Dynasty" recorded it in the "Biography of the Eunuch".