Shen Yinmo (1883-1971) was born in Wuxing, Zhejiang Province. His original name was Junmo, and his nicknames were Qiuming and Hugua. Famous contemporary calligrapher. In his early years, he studied in Japan and served as deputy director of the Central Museum of Literature and History and chairman of the Shanghai Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Research Association. He is good at craftsmanship, running and cursive writing, and is especially famous for his cursive writing. He admired the two kings of the Jin Dynasty, first studied Ouyang Xun and Chu Suiliang, and later studied famous masters from the Jin and Tang Dynasties, Zhiyong, Yu Shinan, and Yan Zhenqing, and integrated them into his own style. His brush strokes are clear, round, strong and strong, and he advocates using the wrist to move the pen. He has many elucidations on strokes and techniques, and has made great contributions to the theory of calligraphy.

  The author of this poem, Zhenhai Jin Phosou, was a small local administrative county magistrate in the late Qing Dynasty. The poem mostly describes the rural scenery, local customs and customs, and the words are fresh and easy to understand. Shen Laoshu was sixty-six years old at this time, and he was at the peak of his strength. He was full of energy and could freely sway it, which was a natural and wonderful work.

Shanghai Bookstore—December 1986

The remaining poems of Danjinglu

Mountain Residence Three Songs
There is a bend of water and a canal in Bixiu, and the Jingfei bamboo house is so secluded.
The soft breeze in the pines sends a clear sound, and people on the small bridge are fishing under the bright moon.

I love that my house is surrounded by green trees, and the pines and flowers are in chaos, and the willows and flowers are flying.
The girl made an appointment to go with her to pick tea, and the wild wind blew the roses along the way.

The first summer is clear and the rain is clearing, the mountains are colorful and the water is clear.
I take off my turban and sit on the edge of the forest, listening to the occasional call of a good bird.

The dilapidated house has three or five rafters and is desolate, with a monk talking nonsense in front of the door.
There is no accumulation in the temple, which leads to clumsiness. I take off my cassock and work on my own.

Ding Chou New Year's Eve
The people on Sixth Street are noisy. My family is poor and I have no credit.
I have nothing to do with Jing's wife, holding a Hunan tube and praising plum blossoms.

Crossing Yantan
The rivers and mountains of the Han Dynasty are filled with water, and the scenic spots of Yuntai are also barren hills.
Today, when I look down at Yantan, I can feel the cool breeze that has lingered for eternity.

Xiaofa, Shengxian County
The morning stars are setting, the wind is blowing, and a man in clothes is sitting among the bamboo shoots.
Thousands of green peaks flutter in green shirts, and thousands of wisps of smoke rise in the cages of trees.
There are flowers in the remote environment, which are particularly elegant and beautiful. The forest is deep and there is no rain, and it is also misty.
Walking to the highest point, the morning glow holds the sun red.

Fang Yan
A hibiscus stands in the blue sky, and Duke Hu sits in the towering temple.
The fragrance of petals travels far across the Qianshan Road, and the cool wax wax floats in the August wind.
The village woman with a high bun carries a seal and a prodigal sleeve with a chimney in her short shirt.
I walked by the rocks and ate in Qing Zhai's wild shop.

Recrossing Peach Blossom Ridge
I would like to ask if the peach blossoms are in bloom, but I rarely wander around Fujie Ridge.
He stopped at his old residence and smiled at the mountain tower, saying that Liu Lang is here again.

Passing through the state
The mountains of Kuozhou are lush and green, and there is a majestic town created by nature.
When you come out of the gorge, you can hear the sound of water roaring against the rocks, and the mountain air in the sky blows your clothes.
The sparse forest surrounds Guo Qiurong, and the ancient battlements are surrounded by rocks and the sunset shines yellow.
Pay attention to the broken tablets and the remaining stele, there are still some good articles from the Qin and Han Dynasties.

The study is happening
I live in a secluded place surrounded by white clouds and red tallow trees. I open the window and read quietly at dawn.
The bamboo paths are sunny and warm in winter, while the plum trees are locked in the cold and bloom late.
When I'm tired, I lay on my pillow and listen to the mountain birds, and when I'm free, I pick up my spare meals and feed the marsh fish.
I don't care about sweeping away the common dust, but I am at the beginning of things outside.

Tour Nanming Mountain from Kuozhou
After enjoying a meal of millet, mash and alfalfa, I came here to lean on the railing.
When the waterfall falls outside the window, it is sunny and doubtful of rain, and the whole courtyard is covered with bamboos, which are hot and cold at the same time.
The trees hold the heart in winter, and you can see it after the frost, and the grass contains business and you can see it in silence.
Late in the evening, when the moon rises on the east mountain, the clothes on the road are even more scanty.

Passing through Qingtian and pregnant with people from Heshan
As soon as the yellow crane flies away, the green mountains will remain forever.
The husband left writings and visited his children and grandchildren.
His studies are simple, his reputation is weak, and his writings are clear and respectable.
If you have any thoughts, be righteous, and the cloth drum will pass through the Thunder Gate.

Two poems on the hotel wall
I'll leave some inscriptions on the four walls of Xiaoxiao. Don't slander me here.
There is no bamboo in a barren mountain, and the phoenix is ​​too haggard to live in.

I have been an official for more than seven years, and I smile at myself when I check my appearance.
What is there without a crane or a harp? A boat full of bright moons and a box of books.

Four self-titled portraits
The sky and the earth are vast, my slender dust is shining brightly for sixty springs.
Aspiring young people are already old, feeling ashamed, angry and sad.

Taking off the turban and exposing the top, I am too lazy to repair my appearance. I am ignorant and disrespectful.
A kind of alienation, madness, poverty and misfortune. Who in the world can agree with me?

Ju Lian's hair on the temples has turned gray early, and frost has gradually grown on her cheeks and between her brows.
The ambition is still there, and the independence of the atrium is always hesitant.

If you don’t have anything, you don’t have anything to do, what can you do if the times are tough?
Let's keep the true face of Confucianism and hold our knees when we have time to sing songs.

Jiayin New Year's Eve
Holding a pot and wine cup to celebrate the end of the year, the sun and the moon suddenly disappear.
A basket of vegetables is filled with delicacies, and a few plum blossoms are blooming in the hut.
Are you willing to be cold and careless about your old age, and are you willing to brag about it again?
What year did I suddenly wake up from the dream of dust, I am still too empty to be clear.

Jing Ning's Miscellaneous Poems
The green hills are arranged like a ring around the city, but if you don’t see the ring around the city, you can only see the mountains.
Walking to the break of the mountain, the city gate has not been closed.

There are many firs and pines planted on the mountain, and there are many shades of green.
As tourists walk through the forest, they feel a heavy rain in front of the mountain.

When you see a little flat sand, you will make a field, and when you hoe, you will be hoeing beside the green stream in the misty rain.
There is no drought in high areas and there is no poverty in low areas. Thousands of people are shouting for a prosperous year.

The county magistrate's office is close to the hillside, and a clear stream flows outside the gate.
The government is simple and the punishments are simple and the people are simple. The court is silent and there are many fallen flowers.

A school palace was built on the land of Sanjiaobu to sing the elegance and style of the ancestors.
During the ceremony of releasing the memorial ceremony for Zhong and Ding Zhao, Zijin gathered together to drum and meet each other.

In order to avoid the deep and vast terrain of Yanjiang, Wu Bian was specially taught as a mountain city.
What is the use of a glass of water? There are only eleven defensive soldiers.

The scenery on the top of Crow Peak is beautiful and it is the most suitable place for the academy to operate.
If a scholar who is an undergraduate has more than three sacrifices, will he be given no additional qualifications for reciting strings?

  Mr. Jin Phosou of Zhenhai wrote four volumes of Danjinglu Poems, which were lost after the Rebellion. Hereby, his descendant Xuechong, Xiangxiu and Kunyu, retrieved several pieces of posthumous manuscripts from the old boxes. As soon as the hand-recorded book was written, Jing Ning's miscellaneous poems were left on paper, and not all of them were recorded. Yin Mo.

Supplement to Jing Ning's Miscellaneous Poems

Who is the admirer here? The first one is Zijin.
If the tribute is granted, the reputation will be as high as that of Ci Lin.

The heavy-handed bow with hundreds of stones, its folk customs emphasize martial arts.
In recent years, the township list has won many awards, including two Jieyuan Gongs.

A gong suddenly sounded in the middle of the night in the mountains, and it was suspected that a rural drama had been stolen.
The patient's family was informed by Taoist priests, who used swords and open fire to chase away demons.

The former county office was called a lively area, with numerous residential buildings lined up in rafters.
The villain was walking near the market with a basket, but saw only green vegetables but no fish.

The village market in Chaitan is full of people. Who said that the salary is as good as the osmanthus?
Rice is especially rare in this family, with half of it being buds and half of potatoes.

There is no market to operate in Japan and China, and chicken, phoenix, fish and dragon are famous.
Original note:
Fish is only available at the end of the year, and chicken is also very expensive.
Today the butcher's shop is slaughtering new pigs, and the big horns are being bought along the street.
Original note:
In a few days, a pig was slaughtered, and the gong was sounded to attract buyers.

Several fireworks houses form a village of their own, with high stone walls and white panels.
In addition to farming, folk customs also include chickens and dolphins for a year's livelihood.

The wine, wine, and pigs are brought to the Chen Hall, and the marriage between the Chen and Zhu tribes is concluded.
The hairpin skirt is made of fine cloth and cage, and the custom of marrying a girl is simple and pure.

The ceremony for marrying a bride is very simple, with bamboo carriages hung on two people's shoulders.
There are two or three banquets of food and wine that are aged every day, and the banquet is divided between guests and friends for four or five days.

Funerals are the saddest thing for people, with paper flags, straw mats and thin coffins.
Every time when the festival is close, they are buried in a bone porcelain vase.

Every Spring and Autumn Festival when the deacon comes, everyone opens the temple together.
The descendants and descendants gathered one after another, and the first one stood tall and honored the scholar.
Original note:
Every ancestral hall recommends scholars to serve as chief priests

Gao Panjiu is married to a different person, and his short clothes do not cover his body.
Barefooted, with disheveled heads and linen clothes, they are the people of She who live in hardship all year round.
Original note:
Even in the cold winter, people wear linen instead of cotton clothes.
She is pronounced as tea. There is another kind of person in the mountains with slightly hairy face. She wears summer cloth all year round and has a dove-shaped bun. The cave is located in the mountains and is called the She people.
[Note: She should be pronounced as shē, a minority. ]

The native resources of this country have always been scarce, and the mushrooms produced in this country are of high quality.
There is also Poria cocos and Atractylodes, which is famous in the east and west of Zhejiang.

Huiming tea on Huiming Mountain has sprouted before the Qingming Festival.
Cooked with your own hands using live fire and clear spring, the color, aroma and taste are all praiseworthy.

Orchid buds grow deep in the green mountains, and the fragrance of spring is full of praise.
One arrow can count the names of flowers and grasses, and they will produce wonderful flowers every autumn and summer.

A kind of strange snake medicine treasure, with two horns on its head and scales on its body.
At that time Ziwu opened his eyes, except at this time his eyesight was unclear.

There is a high pier outside the west gate, and there are still floating mounds and ancient ruins.
The road was a fishing place in the past, but now it is a deserted village in the wind and rain.

  You Jingning's miscellaneous poems supplement the book. Wuzi years old. As the days grow longer, I live in Shanghai. Yin Mo.