Wang Duo's running script "Li He's Poems"

  "Looking at the calligraphy of the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, such as Zhao Zi'ang, Wen Zhengming, Wang Duo and Shi Tao, it is easy to distinguish the authenticity of their handwriting. The authentic ones use thick ink, which must be filled with water when writing, and the water will make it moist and alive. Wang Duo's calligraphy, Shi Tao's calligraphy When painting, the ink seems to sink when the pen is moved, or even the ink is already dripping on the paper before the pen is put down. This is called the excitement, which is different from the craftsman's tracing. There is a natural interest in this. But those who don't know think that the ink has not been harmonized, thinking that Don’t work. Either you can’t work or you don’t bother to work.”

  The above passage is from the contemporary Chinese painting master Huang Binhong. It is the best footnote for us to use this to examine Wang Duo's popular book. We can clearly see that Wang Duo's running script is rich in ink, but the ink rhyme is not exactly the same, but wet and dry, with rich changes. This scroll is signed Dinghai and was written in the fourth year of Shunzhi (1647) in the Qing Dynasty. Wang Duo was 56 years old.

Listen to Master Ying's music
Farewell to Pupu, the clouds return to Osmanthus Zhu, and the words of two phoenixes are heard in the strings of Shu.
The hibiscus leaves have fallen and the luanas have left in autumn. The king of Yue rises at night to visit Tianmu.
Secretly wearing the Qing Dynasty ministers knocking water jade, crossing the sea and leading the white deer.
Who sees carrying a sword to the long bridge, who sees soaking his hair and inscribing spring bamboo.
Monk Zhu stands in front of me as my gatekeeper, and the true eyebrows of the Brahma Palace are respected.
The big guqin instrument is eight feet long, and the old trees in Yiyang are not the grandsons of tung trees.
The sick guest is frightened by the sound of strings in the cool hall, and the medicine bag leaves the dragon's beard mat for the time being.
Please sing directly to your ministers. What's the use of being humble and humble?

Kunlun Messenger
There is no news from the Kunlun envoy, and the smoke and trees in Maoling are sad.
The jade dew drips from the golden plate, and the vitality cannot be collected.
The stone text on the back of the unicorn is cracked, and the red branches are broken under the scales of the hornet dragon.
Where does it hurt the hearts of all nations? The moon stays high in the sky for a long time.

Immortal song
There are spiritual books hidden on the blue peaks of the sea, which God chose as the residence of gods and immortals.
The laughter of the Qingming Festival is heard in the emptiness, and the fight rides the huge waves and rides the whale.
Chunluo's calligraphy invites the Queen Mother to a banquet in the Red Mansion.
Crane feathers rush into the wind and cross the sea too late, it is better to let the green dragon go.
Hesitating that the Queen Mother would not agree, the evil servant girl Chuiwu sent another message.

Gaoping County East Private Road
The fragrance of oak leaves invades, and the flowers of wood stagnate in the cold rain. It's autumn on the mountain tonight, and there will be no one left forever.
The rocky stream is far away and desolate, and the trees are hard to hang over. The ancients set their sights in secluded areas and called upon you to take a private road.
Dinghai June Wang Duo