Name: Tang Yin’s running script Qi Jue One Poetry

Material, shape: ink on gold paper

Size: 16×50cm

Inscription: Inscribed painting by Tang Yin.
Seal: Tang Bohu
Appraisal Seal: Xinmin Eye Blessing
The character of "Liu Li, Jin Jian and Caizi Zi" seems to be a real romantic person.
—Appreciation of Tang Yin's "Poems in Running Script and Painting"
Xiao Chen
Tang Yin's calligraphy is concealed by the name of the painting. Tang Yin has a wild and uninhibited personality, and is unique in the art of calligraphy. His writing is elegant, smooth and meticulous, with a very free and elegant rhythm. He first learned calligraphy from Zhao Mengfu, and later studied after Li Beihai. His calligraphy is characterized by elegance, elegance, gracefulness, charm and variety, smooth and free and easy strokes, strong and powerful strokes, and natural and graceful hooks and pulls. Tang Yin once commented on himself: "My calligraphy is first, poetry is second, writing is third, and painting is fourth." From this statement, it is not difficult to see that Tang Yin is quite confident in his calligraphy.
Below we appreciate a fan with poems inscribed in running script by Tang Yin. The last two lines of the poem read: "The romance does not remember poverty, and the spring clothes are in the hotel." When we read these two lines of poetry, we can fully imagine the embarrassment of Tang Yin's life at that time. Despite this, it did not affect him at all. of artistic creation. From the strokes on this fan calligraphy work, we can see a wild and unrestrained romantic talent. He will never let his art be affected by gains and losses in his personal life. His penmanship is strong and hearty, his handsomeness stands out from the crowd, and his profound skill is evident. Even in this kind of situation where he is staying in a restaurant, he looks so calm, confident and sure. He can be described as steady and strong in his work, straight and powerful, and tactful and smooth. We can't help but think of the fact that he once made a seal on himself, which read: "The most romantic and talented man in the south of the Yangtze River." Such a life, such seals, such calligraphy, coupled with such poetry, and the author's free and easy attitude towards life, how could we not express our sincere appreciation for such a master of calligraphy and painting? Sincere respect and admiration?
This fan calligraphy has graceful and smooth strokes and a handsome and unrestrained style; the pen is round and beautiful, the jade bones and muscles are plump, elegant and graceful; the knots are beautiful and dignified, which coincides with what the ancients said - words are like the person they are.