【Name】Xu Beihong's Running Script Commentary Axis
【Category】Calligraphy and painting
【Era】Modern times
[Original Ownership of Cultural Relics] Works by Xu Beihong
[Current Situation of Cultural Relics] Currently in the Palace Museum
Paper, running script, length 128cm, width 12.9cm

   Explanation: "Hu Cuizhongjun of Suzhou is good at painting watercolor landscapes. One day he came to visit and saw the thorns. His calligraphy is magnificent and unparalleled. People from the Wei and Jin Dynasties could not be better. After asking about it, it was the pen of a five-year-old child. Mr. Zhu Xi is a good person. The early spring of Renshen. Beihong." Under the seal is the Zhu Wenfang seal of "Yilezhai Master". On the right side of this painting is the oval seal with the inscription "Love Stone Cottage" written in red.
  This banner is Xu Beihong's early calligraphy work, inspired by the calligraphy written on Hu Cuizhong's business card. The character structure seems sparse and clear but is actually dense, and the strokes seem soft but contain strong inner strength, which has a strong legacy of the Northern Stele. This painting was painted in 1932, when Xu Beihong was 37 years old.