Zhang Jizhi's "Calligraphy Pages on the Running Script Table", paper, length 30.9 cm, width 43.1 cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

  This post is titled "Zhishi" and was probably written during the Jingding period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1260-1264), so it was written by Zhang Jizhi in his old age. The calligraphy is vigorous and sharp, with no sign of decline.

  Records from past dynasties: "Appraisal of Paintings and Calligraphy".

  That is Fu Meng
  Taiwan Ci,
  Bao Mo, Yang body
  Remember Zhen Zhi thickly. In the past few years, he has been getting sicker and sicker, and his sight and hearing have been impaired for a long time. two
  A few months ago, I suddenly contracted an illness in Xiaofu. It has not recovered yet, and I cannot bear to express it myself.
  Thank you. begging
  Taiwan photo,
  Note the metaphor. The big characters that came yesterday have been accepted. If the characters are small, the eyes will be confused.
  Just like through the smoke, I can no longer write. Fortunately
  Your right to declare
  On February 2, Zhongdafu Zhimi Pavilion became official, Zhang Jizhi’s son