The full name of "Mysterious Pagoda Stele" is "Inscriptions and Prefaces on the Mysterious Pagoda Stele given to Master Zi Dada by the monks in Zuo Street in the Tang Dynasty. It was written by Liu Gongquan when he was sixty-three years old. It is a mature work in his later years. The "Mysterious Pagoda Stele" was erected in December of the first year of Huichang in the Tang Dynasty (AD 841). The stele is located in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. There are 28 lines in regular script and 54 characters in each line. Liu Xizai's "Art Summary" states: "Liu Shu's "Mysterious Tower" comes from Yan Zhenqing's "Guo Family Temple". Wang Shizhen said: "Liu Faqiu is charming and strong, comparable to Yan Situ." "Mysterious Tower" was written by Liu Gongquan when he was sixty-four years old. Wang Shu's "Xuzhou Inscriptions and Postscripts" said that this book is "a work of sincerity and extreme refinement". The characteristics of the "Mystic Tower" knot are mainly introverted and outward expansion. This kind of knot is easy to be tight and strong; the pen is strong and stretched, clean and neat, thoughtful and thoughtful, and has its own unique look.

Appendix: Full text of "Mysterious Tower Stele":
Zuojie Monk's Record enshrines the Three Religions Talks, Yinjia Dade Anguo Temple, and bestows Master Zi Dada with the death of Master Duanfu.
The History Museum compiled the stele made by Pei Xiu and said:
The mysterious tower is where the spiritual bones of the great mage Duanfu return.
Yu Xi! As a husband, at home, he should practice benevolence, justice, etiquette and music, and assist the emperor to help the world and guide the secular world; as a monk, he should practice compassion, concentration and wisdom, and assist the Tathagata to explain his teachings and benefit living beings. Apart from this, there is no way to be a husband. There is no way to achieve the Tao by memorizing this. Monk, he is so majestic as a monk!
The Zhao family in Tianshui was born in the Qin Dynasty. His first mother, Mrs. Zhang, dreamed of a Buddhist monk saying that she should have a precious son. That is to say, he took out the relics from the bag and made him swallow them. On his birthday, the monk he dreamed about entered his room during the day. Mo Qiding said: We must spread the teachings widely. The words are finished and destroyed.
Now that he is an adult, he has a tall forehead, wide eyes, a big mouth, a square mouth, six feet and five inches in length, and his voice is like a bell. If you want to bear the Tathagata's Bodhi and dig into the ears and eyes of living beings, will there be special appearances?
When he was almost ten years old, he became a novice monk under Zen Master Daowu of Chongfu Temple. Seventeenth year, Zhengdu became a monk and was affiliated with Anguo Temple. He was a lawyer with great dignity in Xi Mingzhao. He was promoted to a lawyer in Chongfu Temple with a criminal record. He taught the great principles of nirvana and knowledge only to Master Su of Anguo Temple. After another dream, the Buddhist monk told me: All the great teachings of the Tripitaka have been stored in your belly. Naturally, the theory of classics and laws is invincible in the world. Including Sichuan Notes, when meeting the original committee, it is so eloquent that no one knows its shores.
If a husband wants to cut down a plant and plant it in the field of love, and it rains nectar on the seeds of the Dharma, he must be brave, wise and discerning?
No one pays homage to Manjushri in Qingliang, and all the saints appear; he performs the Great Sutra in Taiyuan, and all the people gather together.
Emperor Dezong was overjoyed when he heard about his name. He often went in and out to discuss Confucianism and Taoism. Give him a purple square robe. When he was young, Xishi was different from others. The imperial edict was repeated to serve the crown prince in the Eastern Dynasty.
Emperor Shunzong admired his style deeply. As close as Kun's brother. Lie down and get up. Grace Tron.
Emperor Xianzong was lucky enough to have this temple. Treat him like a guest. Chang Cheng consultant. The note is too thick.
The monk's Fu Cai is super bold, his words are resounding and logical, and they cater to the purpose, all of which are in line with the true vehicle. Although we have made mistakes, we still have to give full play to our work. From this, the emperor learned that the Buddha was a great sage and that his teachings contained incredible things. At that time, the imperial court was just flattening Xia, binding Wu, Qian and Shu, and restraining Cai and Dangyun, but the emperor was fine. Monk Zhao led his followers to welcome the real bones to Lingshan Mountain and opened a dharma field in the secret hall. Invite blessings to others and offer incense personally.
Since the punishment will not cripple the soldiers, they will not be defeated, the innocent children will not cry out in sorrow, and the rivers and seas will not be disturbed by waves. Gaishen uses truth to multiply the bright effect of adjoining the great government.
If a general wants to show his unimaginable ways and assist a promising king, he must have a mysterious talisman and a mysterious contract to help him?
He took charge of the rituals of the inner hall and recorded the monks' affairs in Zuo Street to mark the eleventh year of the Qing Dynasty. He only talks about Nirvana and talks about sutras. He is in charge of teaching the sect and teaching Taoism and customs. There are one hundred and sixty seats. The three secrets are carried out in yoga, and the dharma is born in siddhi. Hold each section more than 100,000 times every day. It refers to the Pure Land as the place to rest one's shoulders, and the Yanjin Sutra as repaying the kindness of the Dharma. Tens of millions of donations were made before and after, all of which decorated the palace with exquisite carvings and paintings. The abbot, on the other hand, was sitting in bed, thinking quietly and contentedly.
The noble ministers and noble families all admire him, and the heroes and craftsmen all look forward to him. Recommend gold and jade to show sincerity, hold your head high and be solemn and courteous. There are thousands of them every day, so don't write down. A monk is a sentient being who observes the Buddha, separates himself from the four physical attributes, and practices good deeds. His heart is as low as the earth, flat without any hills, and the princes and princes stand in a state of sincerity. The argument goes that the only people who do not achieve success lightly are monks.
If a general wants to sail across the sea and save the people who are lost on the other side, he must have a miraculous skill and a wonderful way?
On June 1, the first year of Kaicheng, he threatened to the west and was destroyed. In the summer, the face looks as if it were alive, but at night the fragrance becomes more fragrant. On July 6th of that year, he moved to Nanyuan of Changle, where he died and received more than 300 relics. It's blazing and the divine light is bright, and it's ashes and the spiritual bones are round. He was given the posthumous title Dada, and the pagoda was named Xuanmi. The lifespan of a layman is sixty-seven, and that of a monk is forty-eight.
There are more than a thousand generations of disciples, monks and nuns, who either give lectures on mystical words or join the grand monastery. Practice Zen and uphold the rules, and be divided into fifty teachers. All his disciples are masters.
Yu Xi! Is it true that a monk has become a monk? Otherwise, how could the virtues and auspiciousness be so great?
Inherit the disciples' self-restraint, righteousness, upright speech, etc., overcome their previous deeds, and observe the legacy devoutly. I am afraid that Huiyou will sometimes die, and he will join Liu Gong. He has the deepest relationship with Dharma and a solid Taoist bond. He also thinks that he is willing to sow the dust. Don't try to visit his vassal, prepare for his affairs, praise him with joy, and speak with no regrets.
The inscription says:
The Thousand Buddhas of the Wise Tribulation. The fourth is Nengren. Sorry for my soul. The menstruation breaks away from the dust.
The teaching network is high. Which one is divided? There is a great mage. Like hearing it from a relative.
Collection of Sutras and Vinaya. Precepts, concentration and wisdom. Deep and shallow have the same origin. Awakening each other one after another.
Heterodox bias. Which one is right or wrong? There is a great mage. For frost and hail.
If the interest is true, it will be stagnant. If it is false, it will be lost. As light as a mad ape. Don't close the hooks and thresholds.
Zhi makes the knife break. Still have sores and warts. There is a great mage. Travel without thinking.
The fortune of the great Tang Dynasty begins. Mahavira taught me. Thousand-year-old talisman. Three times of glory.
Favor and favor. Show praise and guide. There is a great mage. Inspired by the time.
The empty door is right. Fayu is open. Majestic buildings. Once destroyed.
Water moon mirror. Come and go unintentionally. Learn from the apprenticeship. Wandering and admiring.