Wang Xianzhi's "Yuhang Tie"

Rubbing of Wang Xianzhi's "Yuhang Tie" (also known as "Tie Shi Tie"). Running script. Six lines, fifty-one words. Engraved in Volume 9 of "Chunhua Pavilion Tie".

Yuhang is the name of a county in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, under the jurisdiction of Wuxing County. The second line contains the word "zhou general". This word is also found in Wang Xizhi's "Youjun Secretary": "Fengzhou general will report on the twelfth day of the last month. I am very relieved." ” This phrase can be found in "Book of Jin", "Book of Liang", "Book of Chen", "Book of Wei", "Book of Northern Qi" and Huijiao's "Biography of Eminent Monks". It is a common term used in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. The opposite of "state generals" is "state people". After Wang Xizhi resigned from office and returned to the fields, he also called himself "state people" in the rulers. "Shishuo Xinyu" You Hui Chapter Wang Hun's wife contains: "Wang Hun's wife is the daughter of the Langxie Yan family." When the king was the governor of Xuzhou, after the obeisance was completed, the king's generals paid their respects, and the spectators said: "The princes, generals, and citizens of the new state may have no reason to pay their respects." Wang Nai stopped. Wu Zi thought that his father did not answer his bow, which was not a proper ceremony. He was afraid that he was not a married couple, so he did not bow to him, so he called him a concubine. The Yan family was so ashamed that they never dared to leave because of their noble family. 』The general name of the state governor is the general name of the state governor. "Zizhi Tongjian" Volume 143 Hu Sansheng notes: "The governor of the state is in charge of the military affairs, so he will be the general of the state." 』Although the prefecture governors were called prefecture generals, in the Cambodian, Jin and Southern Dynasties, prefecture governors did not necessarily all carry military trumpets and could also be called prefecture generals.

This post is also known as "Missing Love Touching Things Post", and Volume 9 of "Chunhua Pavilion Post" also has "Missing Love Without Past Posting". However, the bibliographic description of Wang Xianzhi's trip in Volume 16 of "Xuanhe Shupu" contains "Si Lian Tie", but I don't know which post it refers to. This calligraphy collection also includes Volume 8 of Jiangtie, Volume 9 of Daguan, Erwangtie, Baojinzhaifatie, Yuyantangtie, Shushutangtie, and Baoxiantang "Tie", "Kuaixuetang Tie".

Interpretation Xianzhibai: The longing for love and trouble are getting worse. Since I want to pass Yuhang, the generals of the state will look at it if I return to Beijing. Lunch boxes will be distributed around the tenth day of the coming month. Seeing that there will never be a day to come back, how can I compare it to telling you, I hope to cherish it again. The white offering.