Letters between Wang Duo and Zen Master Dajue, 1628, hand scroll, running script, paper, 26X247cm, collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum

Explanation: When a person insults a book, he will inherit the law and hope for peace. Tendency, tendency. Yesterday I heard that if you want to give up Zen Moon Arhat, it is not possible without him. The late king loved this painting, and selfishly thought it would be a gift. There is nothing better than giving up something he loves deeply. But there is no one who has done more kindness to me than the public. Moreover, this painting seems to be supernatural, and I feel tired and sleepy, and I don’t want to talk about it all, which seems strange. In this way, it is beneficial not to be collected by ordinary people. That's all it means. When I came to read the book, I saw doubts and wanted to exchange it for gold and water. I couldn't help laughing when I opened the book. Scholars in modern times have bad morals and are suspicious of others. It does not mean that people from outside the world are still like them. Please don't discuss this again. If there is a shortage of men, we can order him to leave. There is not enough soldiers and the like to pay for him. I tell my division to send a small division of Jingan to meet him with a cage and a sword, and he will also share the same house with the ancient Buddha. The scenery of Qiantang, I forgot to return home after enjoying it. My brother-in-law has been replaced from Chenzhou and he should be the official of the southeast. It’s not a big deal to be afraid of coming here at the beginning of winter. The poetry is designed to benefit the elderly and healthy, and I may be able to borrow a few poems to read, which is a good thing! There are hundreds of stupid and bad poems here, so I will record them and send them when I have time. The above is a letter from Zen Master Lian Gong of Dajue. Last year, Wang Xiucai returned to the west, and he was bound to achieve his mission. Thinking about it today, I live in a wonderful place. I inherit the imperial court and bow down to the people. I want to stay with you for a purpose. Although I am stuck at a high step, the scholars are not tired of talking about it. However, the celebration of the hometown is just selfish. However, the scenery is beautiful. The beauty of the garden pavilion, the crowds of scholars, and the convenience of abundant food. Ji Gong also enjoyed himself and forgot to return. I went to the tomb for a long time. I was greedy for salary and forgot about my family. I felt hot thinking about it, but I was sent to the north and south, and I didn't dare to choose myself. When will I be able to laugh and be happy again? When will I be able to respect myself? The above is written in voice with Mei Shou Li Xi. We said goodbye yesterday, feeling shocked and confused. Insulting religion. It's good to live in a good place, even if the wind and rain are like this. The waves in Huaihe River are like mountains, and the boat is rocking, making it impossible to survive. There is no way to go ashore, but everyone in the house is wearing quilts. I don’t think I can do it in the future. If I visit again, I will be very lucky! The above is from Xu De’s book.