Fu Shan's "Early Waking Up Is Not Really Healthy Poetry", Aya edition, 256.7X56.7cm. Collection of Shanghai Museum.

Fu Shan's cursive script was developed on the basis of Wang Duo's cursive script and gradually formed his own style. He has a famous judgment in calligraphy: "It is better to be clumsy than clever, to be ugly rather than flattering, to be detached rather than slippery, to be sincere and forthright rather than arranged." This cursive script represents his style.

Explanation: Waking up early is not really healthy, grinding the headrest looks like a fork. I beg for wine when I am empty, but I always hate tea when I am sleepless. The jujube is crisp and jealous, and the moong melon is cool and pity. Lift the window to try on glasses, and break sentences into the prison. Fu Shan.