"On Classics and Poetry"

A group of cliff carvings in the Northern Wei Dynasty. In Yongping, Zheng Daozhao often climbed Yunfeng Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Daji Mountain and other famous mountains and rivers to tour and sing for entertainment. Wherever he went, he wrote poems on cliffs and stele. It is a famous inscription in the Northern Wei Dynasty. However, because it is difficult to extend the vertebrae, it is rarely spread. Since Zhao Mingcheng of the Southern Song Dynasty visited the "Zheng Xi Shang Stele" and wrote the "Inscriptions on Epigraphy", he gradually became famous in the world. In the Qing Dynasty, epigraphers and calligraphers searched hard and found that there were more than 40 kinds of calligraphy written by Zheng's father and son. Among them are Zheng Daozhao's "On the Stele of Zheng Xi", "On the Stele of Zheng Xi", "Poems on Classical Books", "Poems of Guanhai Tong", "Fifteen Types of Inscriptions on Yunfeng Mountain", "Tianzhu Shandong Kanshishishi Inscription", "Three Types of Inscriptions on Tianzhu Mountain" and "Stone Inscriptions on Chongdengfeng Mountain", "Inscriptions on Tianzhu Mountain", and "Stone Inscriptions on Yunjuguan" written by Daozhao's son Zheng Shuzu. Among them, "The Upper Stele of Zheng Xi", "The Lower Stele of Zheng Xi" and "On the Classics and Poems" are particularly valued by calligraphers.