The Sparse Scroll of Zhen Jing'an's Recruitment, Paper, 33.3×278.4cm, Collection of Shanghai Museum

In his later years, the author had frequent contacts with monks and Taoists, and often visited temples and Taoist temples. "Xingshu Zhenjing'an Meiyuan Shujuan" was specially written for Zhenjing'an Meiyuan. His works are a mixture of true, running and cursive. The cursive writing often incorporates the brushwork and structure of chapter and cursive. The knotted characters are strange and changeable, the size of the fonts is very different, the thickness of the strokes, the dark and dry ink, the contrast is strong, and the composition is ups and downs. , like a street paved with rubble, the whole article has a jumping and exciting rhythm, and the momentum is bold and majestic, which represents the typical style of the author's running script.