"Volume of Wang Anshi's Miscellaneous Poems" (part) by Xian Yushu, 50 cm in length and 1025 cm in width, collected by Liaoning Museum

  Xian Yushu's "Volume of Wang Anshi's Miscellaneous Poems" contains four miscellaneous poems by Wang Anshi: "Inscribed on the Landscape of the Minister", "Information on the Appointment and the Secretary Zhengfu", "Indicating Yuandu", and "Seeing the Reward for the Appointment". The whole volume has more than 600 words and was written in the 28th year of Zhiyuan (AD 1291). When Xian Yushu was 36 years old, he was at the peak of his calligraphy skills. Therefore, his calligraphy was magnificent, strong and smooth, showing Xian Yushu's profound calligraphy skills.  


Xian Yushu's "Volume of Wang Anshi's Miscellaneous Poems" (Part)

Jing Gong's poem...
Title Shi (Lang Shanshui)
In the past, I went to visit my two daughters.
The wilderness of Cangwu is smoky and deserted, with broken ridges and scattered hills.
The sadness of old age is blocked by waves, but unexpectedly it can be seen more in the painting.
The Duke of Yan sent a letter to the Prince of Yan's Mansion, but the king refused to give him a sum of money.
It is said that Jian died by mistake and should be pardoned, but how can he count his whole life to this day?
The benevolent and righteous people are buried in the loess, and only the powder and ink return to the bag.

Recruiting staff shall also inform the official secretary
In the past, Mr. Jiang's house was near Qingxi Qu.
When the well is destroyed, the old tung trees are no longer there, but when the platform is tilted, there are still bamboos left.
In March and April, the pond is filled with rhombuses and fragrant flowers.
When the bulrushes and willows compete with each other, the river is green.
What Fang Di loves most is that it can be worn and built.
If you want to go to Wuzhouliang, you will send your thoughts to me all the year round.
The old man got this late, and his thoughts were lost in the grass and trees.
The eaves are swaying and the new buildings are new, and the roads and tunnels are mature.
It is more suitable for me to open a house in the middle of the water.
The ghost camp kills the desolate stalks, and the human environment sweeps away the noise.
The fish linger around, and the seabirds chase after them.
Why don't foreigners stop here?
Recalling the early days when the mulberry leaves were falling, wouldn’t it be wrong for me to be young?
Silkworm sleep suddenly wants to grow old, without saying a word.
When it comes to the Dongmen water, it is still a prudent Nanpu boat.
Although my house is secluded, the view is still sufficient.
Hengpi receives the back stream, and cuts directly to lose the front stream.
The dancing scales bring out heavy brocade, and the dancing feathers fall into soft jade.
The Bi-筩 scrolls are rolled out, and the purple-cornered couplets are drawn out.
Thousands of branches are in Sun Yiyang, and ten thousand branches are in Qi'ao.
The door is full of pottery plants, and the Hanhou family is on the bank.
There are still wild animals, and I have a new look.
Golden tinsel embraces turnips, green quilts cover alfalfa.
The toad can do tricks, and Ke Dou seems to be readable.
Lingxuan overlooks Beizhu, and when the flower is full, it reaches the valley.
If you hoe and hoe, the result will be good, and the construction can be continued.
Huang Chengsuan is tireless and dares to say divination all day long.
Although there is no Beihai wine, there is Pingjin meat.
The fairy Li Zhi makes the city anxious for a long time.
The voice comes with me, and it shades my valley.

Degree of indication
This year, the south of Zhongshan will be divided into gardens.
A pond was dug to construct my house, and the cold clear water can be used to rinse.
In the west of the ditch, young men were hired to carry soil for Pei Yan.
There are 300 sparse trees, among which the vines are the most luxuriant.
Don't ask for success, but take the easy way to achieve success.
The ground is one foot in the air, and the structure is made of wood.
Five catalpa trees come from the east, and the catalpa trees slip around the eaves.
I am tired of the world when I am old, and I lie down deep in my door.
Redeem the fish and swim with it, feed the birds and see them as before.
He is the only son who can guide the universe.
Wait until the spring days grow longer, and the oriole will clear the day.

Tips for paying an appointment
Duan Qianmu of the Jun family is afraid of invasion for the sake of righteousness.
Feng Shi believed in kindness, but his heart was broken even when he was in trouble.
Sichuan and Dining had this, but the garden house is not what it is today.
After the rain, the plum trees and willows are clean, and when the tide comes, the pupil trees are deep.
The fragrance is planted close to Zhu, and the shade is cut to capture the distant cens.
It is also difficult to honor the Qing Festival, and it is easy to find the difference in the Kuanghuai.
Ziyou pities the bamboos in the water, and enjoys the mountains and forests with ease.
If you can recruit me again, please give me a personal title.

Miscellaneous poems by You Jing Gong. On the 8th day of the second lunar month of Xinmao in the Yuan Dynasty, I passed by Junxi Zhenweitang and issued a life book on paper.
Junxi's calligraphy was upright as that of his predecessors, and the secret notes he collected were written on various calligraphy scripts. He also had to write clumsily, and he loved to forget the ugly meaning. Xian Yu Shu Ji.