Xian Yushu's "Two Chapters of Qiu Huai in Cursive Script" on paper, cursive script, 352 cm vertical, 45.5, 35 cm wide
Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

"Album of Autumn Embrace Poems" was written by Xian Yushu who felt the scenery of autumn night. "The author smiled at Zhan Yuan", indicating that it was sent to the old man. The last payment is signed with "Shu Dun Shou".

The writing style of this post is similar to that of "Qiu Xing Shi", and it should have been written by Xian Yushu when he was in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Only the paper quality is not as good as the previous one, so there are more dry strokes. However, the writing style is coherent and stretched, and the involved turns are clearly explained. It is still a masterpiece of Bo Ji's book.

This post was originally collected by the Qing Palace, and its identification marks include "Feilong Wufeng" (Zhu Wen) and "Song Luo's Approval" (Zhu Wen).

Records from past dynasties: "The First Collection of Shiqu Baoji" (one of the "Song and Yuan Baohan Records").

Autumn Embrace Chapter 2
I can't sleep at night, I sit up and sing
Yuqin. How complicated is the sound of the piano?
It hurts my heart. Going by the past day by day
Far away from the secular world, the surname is Xin. mourning
Neither is the vessel, and its origin cannot be found. sigh
The rest of my life will be miserable, and I will burst into tears thinking about this.
The purpose is Jing Jie's words, which have been known for thousands of years.
The Mid-Autumn night is bitter and long, and the guests sleep late.
Wearing clothes and walking in the atrium, the moon is bright and the wind is miserable.
Look up at the flying geese and listen to the chirping of crickets.
Insects and birds are solid microscopic objects, with various origins.
sometimes. Still sitting and reading my book,
It's not as good as Chu Ke's sorrow. Such is the recent work, please
The author Zhan Yuan smiled. Shudushou