Cursive Script Second Rhyme Qiu Renfu Late Autumn Miscellaneous Poems


Paper, running script, length 33.6cm, width ① 40.6cm, ② 41.8cm.   
The next rhyme was Qiu Renfu's "Late Autumn Miscellaneous Xing", which was presented by Shu.
The poor official is often a guest and does not help the poor in vain. I looked at the newly passed wild geese again, but they still hadn’t returned home. Who will fill the empty hut? Diesel cars come late. Qingyun has a close friend, and being down and out is like a relative. The quiet berries are covered with moss, and the fallen leaves are deep at the door. It's still hot in autumn, but the country of water is full of clouds. It means that when you look at paintings, you can feel happy and listen to the piano. I'm going to rely on my poetry friends, and I'll chant a little for you. We share the same body and distance, and share the same heart and soul. I know that I am stupid when it comes to making a living, but I am stupid when I am trying to make a living. Looking at the sky in the north and thinking about Bian, I still don’t get tired of Wu when I travel to the south. In the new year, we need to ask about quinoa, but the prosperity is not in quinoa.  
The first sign of this painting is: "Ciyun Qiu Renfu's "Late Autumn Zaxing", presented by Shu." The hidden seals are "Changyuan Wang Family Treasures" and "Song Nao Approval". Recorded in Volume 1 of "Shiqu Baoji? First Edition".  
These are three five-character poems composed by Xian Yushu and Qiu Yuan's poems, with 17 lines. The poems are full of strong homesickness. From the sentence "looking at the sky in the north and thinking about Bian, traveling south but not tired of Wu", it can be seen that the author was in Jiangsu and Zhejiang at this time. The calligraphy of this calligraphy is handsome, vigorous, and slightly sparse. It is one of the more representative works of Xian in his middle and later years.