Xian Yushu's "Du Gongbu Xingci Zhaoling Poetry Volume", paper, running script, 32cm in length and 342cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

The old customs are tired and mediocre, and the heroes of the crowd ask the single husband. The ridicule returns to the quality of dragon and phoenix, and the authority is determined by the tiger and wolf capital.
It does not belong to the canon of Yao, but the magical power is assisted by Yumo. The wind and clouds follow the end of the road, and the sun and the moon follow the high road.
Many of the cultural relics were learned from the ancients, and the imperial court was full of old Confucians. Straight words are better to kill and humiliate, and the path of virtue is not rough.
Disasters are still coming in the past, and the people are still gasping for breath. Command An to lead the land and clean up Fuhong Furnace.
The strong man mourns the mausoleum, and the lonely man worships Ding Lake. Jade clothes lift themselves up in the morning, and iron horses sweat for a long time.
Pines and cypresses look into the empty hall, and the dust and sand stand on the dark road. On the lonely founding day, hatred filled the mountains and corners.
The right Ministry of Industry wrote the poems of Zhaoling and learned the folk calligraphy from the poor.

Last knowledge: "You Gongbu Xianci Zhaoling Poetry, poor scholar Min Shu." Seal "Xianyu", "Baiji Seal", "Descendant of Jizi", "Hulin Hidden Official", "Descendant of Zhongshan" seal Five directions. At the end of the volume there are two postscripts by Wang Yi and Song Lian. The collection's seals include the seals of Qianlong, Jiaqing, and Xuantong of the Qing Dynasty, as well as the seals of Liang Qingbiao, Song Lian, and Wang Yi.

Volume 4 of "The Spectacular Life" by Gu Fu in the Ming Dynasty, Volume 31 of "The First Edition of Shiqu Baoji" in the Qing Dynasty, and recorded in "The Catalog of Lost Calligraphy and Paintings in the Forbidden City".
This is Du Fu's five-character "Xingci Zhaoling Poetry" written in running script by Xian Yushu. Du Fu is a famous representative of realistic poetry in the Tang Dynasty. Most of his works are related to the government at that time. This poem is also full of concern about the rise and fall of the country.

This post has a clear structure and vigorous writing style, which is consistent with Xian Yushu's personal temperament. As Liu Guan commented: "The public is a resolute and beautiful doctor, with a majestic look on his face. He drinks vigorously every time, and writes with his brush strokes. There are many strange things, and the momentum is unstoppable." This volume is the representative work of Xian Yushu's large-character running script. .