Xian Yushu's "Cursive Script Du Fu's Songs and Poems of General Wei" on paper, cursive script, length 48 cm x 462 cm
Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

This is a book recording Du Fu's poem "Song of General Wei" from the Tang Dynasty. It is inscribed with "You Shaoling Wei General's Songs and Kong Xue Min Shu", and has the seals of "Yuyang" (Zhu Wen), "Xianyu" (Zhu Wen), "Bai Ji Seal" (Bai Wen), and "Kong Xue Zhai" (Zhu Wen). The front of the volume is inscribed: "Authentic poems by Du Bo in cursive script written by Bo Ji, Xian of the Yuan Dynasty. Reinstalled by Daoguang Gengzi in the summer. Collected by Autumn Shangzhai." At the end of the volume, there is a long postscript by Luo Tianchi, describing the circulation of this volume.

The calligraphy on this post is free and easy, with continuous strokes and smooth ink, and has the potential to be completed in one go. There are few changes in the stippling of some characters, which are based on those of the Tang Dynasty, and are known for their momentum.

Appraisal and collection seals: "Seal of Calligraphy and Painting of the Capital Province" (Zhu Wen), "Seal of the Department of Discipline Inspection" (Zhu Wen), "Guanfang of Calligraphy and Painting of the Ministry of Rites" (Zhu Wen), and seals of Huang Dejun, Wu Yuanhui, Wang Nanping, etc.

The general used to wear an official shirt, and his iron horse was relaxed and heavy with two titles. Being determined and determined to conquer the West Pole,
The east rock of Kunlun Moon Grotto. There are tens of thousands of fierce warriors in the feather forest of the king's gate, and they are as evil as being imprisoned by a roaring tiger.
He started his business in the Frost Halberd five years ago and crossed the sea to collect his sails in one day. All my life I have been stupid,
The young man in Chang'an was furious. The bones of the Marquis of Wei are tense and the spirit is tight. Autumn falcons can be seen at the top of Huayue Peak.
The gold pantuo in the Xinglin treasure school, riding on the Tianhe River at night. Armed with a gun, Yinghuo dared not move.
Cui Rui's five flowers are dangling together. I set up a song department for my son, and put the sword in the wine rack to reveal my liver and gallbladder.
Gou Chen Cang Cang Feng Xuan Wu, live forever to serve the Ming Lord, and there are enough festivals and scholars in Linjiang.
Song of General Wei from You Shaoling, Book of Confused Scholars