Preface to Pangu sent by Han Yu to Li Yuan in running script (part), paper, length 48.6 cm, width 533.3 cm, collected by Shanghai Museum

This volume's "Preface to Han Changli's Farewell to Li Yuan's Return to Pangu" begins with "The husband came before him and followed him to stop the journey" (according to "Han Changli's Collection"), and there are still 108 characters missing before it. There is a comment that it is "clear, steep and vigorous, with strong character".
The volume is later written by Wang Zhideng of the Ming Dynasty and Jue of the Song Dynasty, and written by Di Pingzi in modern times. It was collected by Zhao Huanguang in the Ming Dynasty, Miao Rizao, Zeng Li and Di Pingzi in the Qing Dynasty.
Information comes from the Shanghai Museum website

Husband, the road is blocked by the followers, and the people who provide supplies, each holding his own things, are galloping in the middle of the road. Joy is rewarded, anger is punished. Before he was full of talents, his Taoism was well-known in ancient and modern times and his virtues were heard without disturbing his ears. Those with curved eyebrows and plump cheeks, clear voice but defecation, good looks on the outside but grace on the inside, light skirts, long sleeves, pink and white and dark green, live in a row of houses, be jealous of favors but bear the burden of being relied on, compete for beauty and seek pity. When a real man meets the emperor, he knows how to do it and exerts his strength in what the people of the world do. I didn't run away because of this, it was my destiny and I couldn't just do it by luck. Living in a poor and wild place, rising high and looking into the distance, sitting in a lush tree all day long, raising a clear spring to purify oneself. Collected in the mountains, it is beautiful and can be eaten; fished in the water, it is fresh and edible. There is no time for daily life, only comfort and peace. Instead of having a good reputation in front of you, how can you not be ruined later; instead of having a happy body, how can you have no worries in your heart. The chariot and clothes are not maintained, the knife and saw are not sharpened, the chaos is not understood, and the demotion is ignored. I will do what a man would do if he did not meet the circumstances. A person who serves at the gate of a high official, rushes around the situation, staggers when he is ready, slurs when he speaks, is not ashamed to be dirty, and spends his whole life wandering around in the face of punishment.
You Han Wengong's "Preface to the Sending of Li Yuan to Pangu", the great virtue Gengzi, the minister went to Dongchang, brother Jifu was qualified to be the chief judge, and left this paper to his son to solicit letters. Living in a cottage, the study room is not equipped. I borrowed this pen from someone who had a lot of money, but it was all forged by people from the south, and it fell apart as soon as it entered the ink pen. All the four or five easy-to-read volumes were written, but they were all unwritten, and they only fulfilled the responsibility of disobeying orders. Clumsy and evil ridicule, I dare not say goodbye. Difficult scholars are in the Shuji