The statue niche is located on the south side above the entrance of Guyang Cave. There are six niches in total, all of which are round coupon-shaped shallow niches. It is divided into three rows: upper, middle and lower, with two niches in each row, varying in size. The round lintel arch is engraved with curly grass and grape patterns, and the main statue is Maitreya (already broken). On the left and right are two attendant Bodhisattvas standing in wait. It was completed on September 3, the second year of Jingming (501 AD).
The statue record is located on the right side of the Buddhist niche, 50 cm high and 35 cm wide. It is recorded that in the second year of Jingming Dynasty, Zheng Chang made a Maitreya statue for his deceased father, his mother Huangfu, his deceased son Shilong, and his concubine Chen Yunu for his deceased mother Xu. The calligraphy of the stele has the important significance of inheriting the Han Dynasty script and Tang Kai script.