How to learn calligraphy without any foundation? Check this out!

Many friends want to learn brushes, but firstly, there is no teacher, and secondly, there are no teaching materials. How can I learn? How to start practicing calligraphy without foundation? To what extent is there no foundation? Will you hold a pen? come and see:

Peng Mama demonstrates for everyone:

Kids, let's demonstrate:

Do you understand now? In fact, the brush holding pen is mainly for beginners with relatively strict requirements. After laying the foundation, there are quite a few ways to hold a pen. Ok, now that we have basically mastered the method of holding a pen, we are about to get started. If you really don’t have any foundation for calligraphy writing, then refer to the writing below! Find a feeling.

If the above can be grasped well, let's talk about the face with relatively low entry difficulty coefficient. For the basic regular script strokes of Yan Ti, you can refer to the following to practice:

Entering the practice of face and body, we will start to pay attention to several concepts.

When pointing to the brush, the tip of the pen should enter the paper in the opposite direction of the writing stroke, and then turn the tip to move the pen, so as to achieve the "hidden front" in the stippling, evenly and uniformly, forming a center-forward pen movement on the flat paper.


Returning to the front is also one of the methods of brushwork, which means that after the end of writing, go back and forth, and all strokes such as dots, horizontal and vertical strokes should go back and forth. Usually some people think that it is as cumbersome as Zangfeng and ignore it, which will make the stippling not perfect. Therefore, for beginners, Huifeng is a brushwork method that should be paid attention to. Generally, Huifeng brushwork is for perfect brushwork, and special attention should be paid to Huifeng. The front should not be too fast or use too much force, and the principle of stability should be paid attention to.