The Qing Dynasty was the last period of the feudal society, and it lasted more than 370 years until the Revolution of 1911. Calligraphy in the Qing Dynasty as a whole showed a style trend called "upholding quality". At the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, a group of calligraphers such as Fu Shan had innovated and developed the style of calligraphy since King Zhong to a considerable height (the Qing Dynasty's literary network was harsh and Daxing's literary inquiry, so the prosperity of simple l earning in the Qing Dynasty was closely related to the style of seal and official script. Sheng all have a lot to do with it). After entering the Qing Dynasty, people gradually shifted their attention to the calligraphy styles before King Zhong, so that the field of characters that had been lonely for a long time since the Han and Wei Dynasties suddenly flourished at this specific moment, and the wind of seal script and official script flourished. . The so-called "respect for quality" is exactly the simple and humble quality of Advocating the ancients. Because of this, the Qing Dynasty became a period of great achievement in calligraphy, and all kinds of characters and calligraphy styles in the past dynasties have been revived and revived with considerable results.
  In the early Qing Dynasty, besides Wang Duo and Fu Shan who were brought down from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, there were Zheng Xie, Zhu Da, Shi Tao, Wang Shu, Jiang Heng, Jin Nong, Huang Shen, Zhang Zhao , Zheng Xie, etc. .