1. Copywriting suitable for calligraphy posts on Moments

1. Every horizontal line is a responsibility; every vertical line is a growth; every stroke is a gathering of strength; every point is full of hope. Calligraphy guides children to practice hard-pen calligraphy and inherit traditional Chinese culture. There are three stages in calligraphy: "seeking accuracy while being slow in the early stage"; "seeking stability while being accurate in the middle stage"; and "seeking progress while being stable in the later stage". Keep your pen in mind, and your heart will be straight, so your pen will be straight; be calm, careful, patient and confident. As long as you write, words will become your second face. To enter a higher education, the word is the test score; to apply for a job, the word is the first impression; to sign, the word is the professional quality xx Chinese characters, which professionally solves the Chinese character writing problems of high school, middle school, elementary and kindergarten students.

2. It’s April Fool’s Day again every year. Someone launched #April Fool’s Day Copywriting Contest# to encourage netizens to post the copy they want to post on April Fool’s Day.

3. I may be sick. I feel dizzy, weak, and mentally exhausted...Word has been open for a long time and it is still blank. I have opened more than a dozen web pages and I don’t know what to look at. I can’t find the energy to do anything. ; But as soon as I got off work, all these symptoms disappeared inexplicably.

4. Your luck will definitely not be bad if you have crow’s feet.

5. I announce that my wedding will be held on the 31st of next month.

6. I don’t want to see you making no progress today.

7. Paint, painting is the best way to express your feelings.

8. Let me tell you some bad news: you have passed all statutory holidays in 2020!

9. Be calm first and then love others. Be a beautiful girl with money in your pocket and wind in your steps. Only then will you have the ability to do more things you want to do, and only then will you have more confidence to love whoever you want to love. .

10. For example, participate in various emoticon creation contests, cooking contests, calligraphy contests, copywriting contests, etc.

11. What I want to consider when writing calligraphy is carefulness and caution, but not rigidity. If you are too cautious, you will make mistakes and fail to write good works.

12. This topic even appeared on the hot search, triggering a large number of netizens to participate in the discussion.

13. “In the blink of an eye, 1/2 of 2022 has passed/the remaining 3/4 of the time has quietly arrived.”

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15. Picking up flowers in March makes spring, and fireflies in June dye summer.

16. It’s okay to share what happened to you today, your mood, or a song you heard today. After all, this is your circle of friends.

17. In the vast sea of ​​​​people, there are many people who pass you by, and there are countless people who know you.

18. Youth and worries are wasted together here."

19. On the first day of work, the heaviest thing was my mood and my weight.

20. Calligraphy is really addictive. The first painting, the first time I wrote calligraphy, I went home and framed it.

2. Short copywriting sentences suitable for posting on WeChat Moments in calligraphy

1. The scholar then caught another Cuibo bird and put it in a cage, just like what happened before.

2. Panacea: One is a happy smile, the other is a good sleep.

3. In order to effectively improve students' writing skills, I posted the following content in the calligraphy group last week: Dear parents of weekend hard-tipped calligraphy classes, from now on we will begin to strictly require students' homework problems, and we hope parents will supervise them. I gave the students one assignment every week, and I also told them about the writing posture and speed requirements. I will not ask students for assignments again. Students will take the initiative to hand in assignments every time. If they fail to complete the assignment three times in a row, they will be asked to do so alone. Those who signed up for the class will communicate with their parents. If they still don't change, I will ask them to leave. For those in the art class who cannot complete their homework, we will cancel their calligraphy class and change it to art class. Please help parents. Off topic: I plan to do an experiment in half a year to see if both the students and I can improve qualitatively in the end!

4. Author|Ouyang Rui Source|4A Advertising Copywriting

5. People are like this. When they finally reach the age where they know how to cherish, they are separated again.

6. "The blooming flowers are full of March, the sun is just right and the breeze is not dry. I hope you live up to every beauty."

7. From now on, I will insist on punching in and writing calligraphy! Because I really like to write beautiful calligraphy. I hope that I can persevere, find time to check in every day during my busy schedule, and strive to see progress!

8. Adult love is not just about holding hands and hugging, it is about carrying each other, supporting each other, and building a family together. So we need to love each other, we need tacit understanding, we need to have the same views, and we need to stand firmly by each other's side.

9. "How many autumns have passed in the late twilight, and the phoenix trees seem like a dream in March."

10. How many people use April Fool’s Day to tell the truth.

11. Shadiao netizens are so talented!

12. Can I be a stumbling block in your journey to singleness?

13. It is better to try your best to tease someone than to try your best to win your heart.

14. The end of the world in the eyes of a caterpillar is what we call a butterfly.

15. The vacation will be over in the blink of an eye. If I had known better, I wouldn’t have blinked.

16. Without the moon, we can see the starlight. Without the starlight, we still have the warmth of the sun.

17. Practice calligraphy, anything that allows you to devote yourself to it can make you calm and stable. Try to get involved.

18. Can you join me in a group? Light yellow long skirt…

19. Life is far more difficult than you imagine, but you are also far more powerful than you imagine.

20. It takes us two years to learn to speak, but it takes us sixty years to learn to shut up. Most of the time, the more we talk, the further we distance ourselves from each other and the more conflicts we have.

3. Sentences suitable for posting on WeChat Moments in calligraphy

1. Your partner will definitely ask you to hang out.

2. The calligraphy class is over, and I have some subversive understanding of "calligraphy". Calligraphy turns out to be about studying shapes in space. I can’t write calligraphy, but I tried my best.

3. It is easy to meet but hard to love. It is easy to love but hard to get along with. It is easy to get along but hard to live together. So the hardest thing in the world is not that two people love each other, but that two people who love each other can live together for a lifetime without being separated. Love is just the beginning, life is a lifetime.

4. Some scenery are really beautiful, but we still have to go to the next scenery.

5. There is no real happiness in the world. Happiness is mixed with troubles and worries.

6. People who are self-sufficient for a long time will become relatively indifferent.























































19. "March has arrived, spring is getting stronger, beauty will come as expected, and cherry blossoms will still be in full bloom."

20. This aroused great interest in the scholar. He also caught a green bird and put it in a cage to see how it was building a house.

6. Copywriting suitable for calligraphy posts on Moments

1. Indifference helps to clarify one’s ambitions, and leads to tranquility and long-term goals. Walk to a waterless place and sit down to watch the clouds rise. Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly. There is no need for a large room to be elegant, if there is not much fragrance of flowers. Don't forget to see the mulberry trees in the evening, and the sky will still be filled with clouds. Enjoy the landscape in the wind, lie on a stone and pillow on the clouds. If you want to see a thousand miles away, go to the next level. Boating leisurely fishing for the moon, listening to the fallen leaves quietly in autumn. Meditate on the affairs of the world and read more ancient books.

2. People who have you in their hearts will always take the initiative to find you; people who don’t have you in their hearts will always automatically ignore you. What is waiting is not love, but pity; what is begged is not affection, but sympathy.

3. “The wind in March and the rain in April will turn into flowers in May.”

4. If you don’t fight with people, you will be relaxed; if you don’t compete with things, the journey will be smooth; if you don’t seek, your life will be peaceful.

5. It’s really hard to lie to people. I believe you and I know everything.

6. “I send you the wind of March and wish you a happy spring breeze.”

7. Who can draw since birth does not mean that he has never learned how to draw.

8. I had such a happy time on November 1, but I only felt the first six words.