Copywriting for art teacher’s circle of friends~get it in the comment area🌝

[In the future, we will update the copywriting of art institution teachers’ circle of friends from time to time. You can directly copy and collect it in the comment area and like it. If you have good copywriting, you can also share it together]🤗

1⃣️🌈There is no road traveled in vain

every step counts

You guys are so cool if you keep working hard

2️⃣💫“Sketch training does not teach you to draw like a thing

But through this kind of training, you can change from a rough person to a refined person, a person who knows how to understand the relationship between the whole and the parts."

3⃣️Painting depends on one step at a time 👣🎨

In this process of slowly learning, you will naturally gain something.

This is not only a gain in performance

It’s also a kind of harvest from the heart

Makes people calmer, more patient and focused

4⃣️ ☀️I only learned the basics in one year

☀️What you learn in the second year is accumulation

☀️Results will only be visible in three years

In fact, everything in the universe follows the same law: two begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things.

"Winter storage-spring growth-summer growth-autumn harvest" is an eternal law in the universe.

5⃣️ Excellence is accumulated slowly, and growth is step by step. If you persist more than others, you will gain more than others.

🌻Thumbs up to the students who insist on attending classes during the summer vacation. 💪

6⃣️ 🌞The meaning of hard work is that when good luck befalls you, you will feel "I deserve it" instead of seeing good things happen to others and then angrily saying "I'm damn".

7⃣️ "I need you to calm down and learn the emotion of waiting for the time to mature, and I also need you to maintain the hard work and persistence beyond waiting."

🌸 Encourage each other

8⃣️ 💗This is exactly what growth means

The process of transformation is painful and requires persistence, but every transformation will bring surprises of growth.

9⃣️ "Today's shooting"📸

Don't be stingy with praise

Don’t hide your encouragement

See the uniqueness of each child

There is a sun in everyone

The main thing is to let them shine🌟

Painting is like a colorful rainbow in the eyes of children

You can use it to weave colorful dreams

Every child has a wonderful paintbrush in his heart

☀️Draw the beautiful world in your heart