Selected 14 sentences of calligraphy copywriting for Moments (1 article in total), please enjoy.

Calligraphy copywriting circle of friends 1

1. It is human nature as written by husband. Those who are sick cannot be made to suffer from illness. People who are sick cannot be made to suffer from illness.

2. The book is like Ye, like his learning, like his talent, like his ambition, in short, just like his person.

3. The words are the voice of the heart, and the writing is the heart of the painting.

4. Clouds and cranes travel in the sky, and a group of birds play in the sea.

5. If you teach near the water, every word may become a dragon.

6. Boxing must be done, and calligraphy must be practiced.

7. The book must be clear and thick, and clearness and thickness must be based on the heart. Otherwise, although the book is spared from being thin and muddy, it is just a reflection of others.

8. The dragons and snakes in the writing seem to have gods.

9. There are paintings in books, and there are books in paintings.

10. Those who write books are the most important thing for writing. Although it is a Tao, both the virtuous and the unworthy can learn from it. However, there are always many virtuous and unworthy people who can do it. How can it be that the unworthy can do it and the wise are abandoned suddenly?

11. Happiness means that the Qi is gentle and the words are relaxed; anger means that the Qi is thick and the words are dangerous; sadness means that the Qi is depressed and the words are condensed; joy means that the words are flat and the words are beautiful. The emotions are heavy and light, so the words are calm, gentle, beautiful, deep and shallow, and the changes are endless.

12. The movement is like a lingering spring earthworm, and every word is like a coiled autumn snake.

13. The dragon is powerful and the tiger is vibrating, and the sword is at war.

14. A person with integrity has an upright and bright outlook beyond his writing.