Su Shi's "Yiye Tie", also known as "Zhi Ji Chang Chi Shou", running script, 30.3×48.6cm Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

"Yiye Tie" is a letter written by Su Shi to his friend Chen Jichang when he was living in Huangzhou (now Huanggang, Hubei). Chen Jichang is the son of Chen Xiliang, an elder Su Shi, who likes to talk about Buddhism. In his later years, he lived in seclusion between Huangzhou and Guangzhou. Because he had contact with Su Shi who was living in Huangzhou at that time, he became a good friend. In this letter, Su Shituo Chen Jichang conveyed to Wang Jun that the Huang Jucai painted dragon that Wang Jun asked for has been temporarily lent to Cao Guangzhou. Once Cao Guangzhou returns the painting, he will immediately return it to Wang Jun.

This work is simple and honest, with a dignified brush, the strokes are plump and fleshy, and the knots are skewed. The emotions in the first half of the work are calm and gradually tend to fluctuate. Therefore, the font size, stroke thickness, and font style of the whole work have also changed accordingly. Interesting in change. The period when Su Shi was living in Huangzhou, was the peak of his artistic creation. This work is one of the fine running scripts he made during this period. The work is strong and magnificent, fat without flesh, and charming. .