Chen Chun (1483-1544) was first named Chun, with the courtesy name Daofu. Later, he was given the courtesy name Xing, also given the courtesy name Fufu, and he called himself a native of Baiyangshan. People from Cheung Chau. Chen Chun has been well-educated since childhood and has considerable attainments in Confucian classics, ancient prose, poetry, calligraphy, poetry, and painting. He once visited Wen Zhengming's disciples, and Wen Zhengming once said to him with a smile: "I am a master in the industry. Qu calligraphy and painting have their own methods, and they are not my disciples." He later became Wen Zhengming's disciple. After middle age, his writing and ink are indulgent, his poems, calligraphy and paintings all have obvious individuality, and he stands on his own. He is good at freehand flowers, and together with Xu Wei, he is known as "Ivy" and "Baiyang". His landscape studies are based on Mi Youren. The calligrapher's calligraphy is smooth and charming, his writing is straightforward, steady and mature, and he is a master of calligraphy in the late Ming Dynasty.