Zhu Derun (1294-1365) was a Yuan painter. His courtesy name was Zemin, and his nickname was Suiyang Sanren. He was originally from Suiyang (now Shangqiu, Henan) and lived in Kunshan (now Jiangsu). When he was young, he was famous in his hometown for his poetry, calligraphy and painting. He once studied under Yao Shi, a famous scholar in Wuxing (now Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province). He was once recommended by Zhao Mengfu, who compiled the official history of the country, and promoted Confucianism in Zhendongxingzhongshu Province. He is good at poetry and prose, good at calligraphy, and his handwriting is beautiful. He was good at painting landscapes. He first studied with Xu Daoning and later with Guo Xi. He mostly painted scenes of mountains and rivers with distant mountains and clear woods. He is also good at drawing figures. The surviving paintings include "Xiu Ye Xuan", "Music Qin in the Forest" and other pictures, and he is the author of "Cun Fuzhai Collection". Wang Xizhi studied calligraphy and his writing power was strong.




Zhu Derun's "Pastoral Miscellaneous Volume of Fan Cheng's Senior Year" (part), paper, 31.1X205.2cm, collected by Shanghai Museum