Chen Yongnian should be Chen Yunwen, courtesy name Yongwen, alias Baozhai, and a native of Changshu (now Changshu, Jiangsu Province). Gezi. He is good at poetry and is excellent at sketching flowers and birds. According to the Changshu County Chronicle, Chen Yongwen's name is Baozhai. Pei Wenzhai's calligraphy and painting manuals and historical painting histories were mistakenly attributed to two people. In addition, the biography of the painting history of the past dynasties wrote "also known as Yong, with the courtesy name Ruowen". The Changshu calligraphy and painting history collection followed it, and the dictionary of Chinese painters' names wrote "also known as Yongnian, with the courtesy name Ruowen", all of which are wrong. "Suzhou Chronicles", "Changshu County Chronicles", "History of Calligraphy and Painting of the Ming Dynasty", "Records of Paintings of the Ming Dynasty", "A Brief Introduction to Haiyu Painting Garden"


Chen Yongnian's "Five Rhymed Poems"