Feng Congwu (1556-1627), courtesy name Zhonghao and alias Shaoxu, was born in Chang'an, Shaanxi Province (now Xi'an City). Jinshi during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, a famous educator and a master of Guanxue. Known for his uprightness, he successively served as imperial censor and minister of the Ministry of Industry. Because he wrote to criticize Emperor Wanli and did not collude with the corrupt forces in the court, he was always ostracized, so he resigned and returned to Chang'an. It was founded in the 37th year of Wanli (1609). Guanzhong Academy is known as the "Guanxi Master". He is the author of "Guan Xue Bian", "Feng Gong Ding Jin Collection", "Shaanxi Tongzhi", etc.


Detail of "Thousand-Character Essay in Cursive Script", 33 cm vertical and 22 cm horizontal, cut and mounted, on paper, collected by Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum