Gao Qi (1336-1374) was a poet of the Ming Dynasty. His courtesy name was Jidi and his nickname was Chaxuan. He was a native of Changzhou (now Suzhou, Jiangsu Province). His home in Beiguo was close to that of Xu Bi, Song Ke, Zhang Yu and others, so he was named "Ten Friends of Beiguo", also known as "Ten Talents". He has literary and military talents, is well-read, and is especially knowledgeable in history. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, he once lived in seclusion in Qingqiu by the Wusong River, so he named himself Qingqiu Zi. In the early Ming Dynasty, he was ordered to enter the imperial court to compile "History of the Yuan Dynasty" and was awarded the Imperial Academy to compile and edit it. In the third year of Hongwu (1370), Zhu Yuanzhang planned to appoint him as the right minister of the household department, but he refused to go and returned to Qingqiu to teach apprentices and support himself. Later, Zhu Yuanzhang used the case of Wei Guan, the prefect of Suzhou, to kill him in half in Nanjing. His literary thoughts advocate taking the methods from the Han, Tang, Wei and Jin dynasties, learning from the ancients and then starting a family. He was one of the most accomplished poets in the Ming Dynasty due to his elegant thinking and diverse styles. There is "The Complete Works of Gao Taishi" published in the world.


Gao Qi's "Poem on Pictures of Ladies", paper, regular script, length 25.9 cm, width 43.4 cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

The calligraphy strokes on this page are round, clear and vigorous, and the structure is clear and clear. "Book History Huiyao" said that "Qi Shan's regular script has an elegant and elegant atmosphere that reaches people's eyebrows." This post also has the charm of Sri Lankan style.

The courtyard is quiet at midnight, and the beauty wakes up from her dream to hear the singing of birds. The pine clouds are heavy and the hairpin is slanted, and the stockings are fragrant and the phoenix shoes are small. Lotus flowers are all over the road, golden steps are shaking, and six-baht clothes are thinly cut and twisted into gauze. A smile brings beauty to a poor face, so why store Gillian in a golden house. The flower demon is shy and thinks twice about the house, Chang'e retreats without a trace. The fish sink into the water, the waves are round, and the wild geese fall into the autumn sky. It is suspected that the balcony has returned from the rain, and the fragrance is dense, the orchids and musk deer are flying. The divination lesson is secretly followed, and the slanting light shines silently. Ji Di's question