Fu Bi (1004-1083) was born in Luoyang, Henan (now east of Luoyang, Henan), with the courtesy name Yanguo. In the eighth year of Tiansheng's reign, there were many outstanding talents. In the second year of Qingli, he reported to Khitan and agreed to increase Qi coins in order to seize the land. The following year, he served as Deputy Privy Envoy to assist Fan Zhongyan in implementing the New Deal. Xuan was excluded. In the second year of Zhihe, he was appointed prime minister together with Wen Yanbo. In his seven years in office, he only focused on maintaining the status quo and did not make any changes. Later, he died in the death of his mother. During the reign of Emperor Yingzong, he was summoned as a privy envoy, granted the title of Duke of Zheng, and was sent out to judge Heyang. In the first year of Xining, he came to visit and asked Shenzong to "keep silent on the border affairs for twenty years." The next year, he returned to the prime minister's position. In order to oppose Wang Anshi's reform, he went to Bozhou to judge, retreated to Luoyang, and petitioned to abolish the new law. Now there is "Fu Zheng Gong's Poetry Collection". He was also good at being a powerful scholar, and his traces can be seen in Qun Yutang Dharma Notes.


Fu Bi's "Warm Gantie" (detail), length 26.5cm, width 49.2, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Fu Bi's "Son's Notes" in regular script, album, paper, 31.7×26.7cm