Han Yi, courtesy name Zhonglian, was born in Yongqiu, Kaifeng (now Qixian County, Henan Province), Yizi. In the first year of Renzong's Zhihe reign (1054), he was the secretary-general of the imperial court. He was responsible for advising the military government and advising on internal matters, and promoting government studies ("Jingzhaofu Primary School Regulations" in Volume 134 of "Jinshi Cuibian"). See "History of the Song Dynasty" Volume 315 "Biography of Han Yi".




Han Yi's "To the Remaining Situ Shizhong" on ruler tablets, running script. Paper, 30.2x50.8cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Interpretation: I paid my respects to the left-behind Situ Shizhong again. I looked down at the pavilion and enjoyed my love at night. Yesterday, I was tired of bearing the long and distant questions. It was late in winter and the severe cold was coming. I waited for the move and stopped in Wanfu District. I went to the countryside without saying a word. The waiter looks up to Bao Tiao, the taste of sleeping, and the sentimental hope. I sincerely offer it to you. I do not declare it. I am afraid to leave it. Situ Shi, who is left behind, is sitting on the middle stage. On November 1st, it is empty.