Jiang Kui (? 1155-? 1221), courtesy name Yaozhang, was born in Poyang (now Boyang County, Jiangxi Province). His father knew Hanyang County, and Kui followed the officials from a young age and traveled between Mianyang and Hubei for 20 years. During the Chunxi period, he traveled to Hunan. Xiao Decao loved his poems and took his wife as his brother. Because he lived in Huzhou, he called himself Baishi Taoist. At the meeting, he wrote a letter to pray for Tai Chang Ya Le, but he was exempted from interpretation. He failed to finish and ended up in commoner clothes. There are collections of words handed down from generation to generation.

There are not many ink marks handed down from generation to generation. It can be seen from the "Xiaokai Postscript Wang Xian's Nanny Note" that his calligraphy originated from the work of the two kings. His penmanship is exquisite, elegant and handsome. It is also influenced by the calligraphy style of various calligraphers in the early Tang Dynasty. It does not follow the customs and is fresh and refined.

"Nanny's Postscript written by Wang Xian in small regular script"