Lu You (1125--1210), named Wuguan, also known as Fangweng, was born in Shanyin (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang) and was an outstanding patriotic poet in the Southern Song Dynasty.
  When he was young, he was deeply influenced by the patriotism among family, relatives and friends. When he was young, he passed the Ministry of Rites examination and was deposed by Qin Hui. When Xiaozong ascended the throne, he was granted a Jinshi background and a post-official position in Baozhang Pavilion to be made. Politically, he advocated resolute resistance to the Jin Dynasty, but he has been suppressed by the capitulation group. In his later years, he retired to his hometown, but his belief in regaining the Central Plains remained unswerving.
  Lu You has a very strong creative power and is the poet with the most works in ancient my country. More than 9,300 poems have been preserved in his collection of poems "Jiannan Poetry Draft" alone, so he said that he had "ten thousand poems in sixty years". His poems are extremely rich in content and bold in style.
  Lu You lived in an era when the motherland was divided. Restoring the Central Plains was not only his lifelong goal, but also an important content and emotion in his poems. Until his death, what he could not forget was the reunification of the motherland.

Lu You was also a master of calligraphy and writing, and his writings were exquisite, rigorous and elegant, with lofty meaning. The book theory includes "Lun Xue Er Wang Shu". Cursive script comes from Zhang Xu, and running script comes from Yang Ningshi. Zhu Xi praised his writings for their exquisiteness, strictness and elegance, and lofty meaning. There are not many books left.
Northern Qi School Book Picture and Postscript

Self-written hairpin head phoenix stone carving

Respect for family members

A letter to Zhong Gong, the minister

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