Han Yuanji (1118-1187) was a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty. There is no blame in the word. A native of Yongqiu, Kaifeng (now Kaifeng City, Henan), and one from Xuchang (now Henan). Yin Yan, a young master, had Lu Zuqian as his son-in-law. After the Song Dynasty moved south, they lived in Shangrao, Xinzhou (now part of Jiangxi). In the 28th year of Shaoxing (1158), he was the magistrate of Jian'an County. During the Longxing period, the official became the Minister of the Ministry of Personnel. In the ninth year of Qiandao (1173), he went to the Kingdom of Jin as an envoy to the Ministry of Rites. At the beginning of Chunxi period, he went out to guard Wuzhou twice and once to guard Jianning. In the later Jin Dynasty, he was granted the title of Duke of Yingchuan County, and he returned to Nanjian, Xinzhou, so he named himself Nanjian Weng. He had many friendships throughout his life, and was friendly with contemporary celebrities and patriots such as Lu You, Zhu Xi, Xin Qiji, Chen Liang, etc., and he wrote many poems about them. He and Ye Mengde were family friends. The third volume of Huang Sheng's "Selected Poems Since the ZTE" calls it "the literature of famous writers, and political literature is the crown of a generation." There are seventy volumes of "Nanjian A and B Manuscripts", which have been lost. The officials of Siku compiled twenty-two volumes from "Yongle Dadian". There is a self-compiled collection of lyrics "Jiaowei Collection", which was originally lost. "Qiangcun Series" was compiled into a volume "Nanjian Poems".

  Few ink writings have been handed down to the world, but Ouyang Xiu's "Ji Gu Lu Postscript" has more than a hundred words of inscriptions and postscripts in Ji's regular script of Han Yuan at the end. It is elegant and calm, with Cai Junmo's remaining thoughts.


Han Yuanji's postscript to Ouyang Xiu's "Collection of Ancient Records" Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Interpretation: Ouyang Wenzhonggong collected ancient records. Covering a thousand volumes. Soon I saw that his great-grandson was from a distinguished family. There are still two hundred copies. However, there are at the end of the postscript and one or two public inscriptions. The stone carvings on it say that he escaped from chaos. Now look at these four papers. From Zhao Defu. Then it has been scattered in Chongning. otherwise. What a draft. Contained in the school collection. Too many mistakes and mistakes. It is right. And the Yang Jun Monument. There is no anthology. Only Zhongzong was Zhongzong. The origin of Jianwu was Xiaowu. I'm afraid it's a clerical error. Ran De's father compiled his own epigraphic records throughout his life. Also two thousand volumes. It is twice as big as Wen Zhonggong. Now I am restored to peace. The so-called gentleman is immortal. Those who pass it on without relying on things. You really know what you say. Three times he sighed. In the ninth year of Chunxi (1182), it was the fifth day. Yingchuan Han Yuan Jishu.