Han Jiang (1012-1088) was named Zihua. Han Yi’s third son. A native of Yongqiu, Kaifeng (now Qixian County, Henan Province). He was promoted to Jinshi Jiali and served as the general judge of Chenzhou, directly to Jixianyuan, and as the official of Kaifeng Prefecture and the judge of the Ministry of Household Affairs. During the reign of Renzong, he knew the imperial edict and was promoted to Youzhengyan because of his investigation of corrupt officials. He once wrote annotations on daily life, and later moved to Longtuge to become a bachelor and Zhilian Academy, where he became a Hanlin bachelor and a censor Zhongcheng. , summoned Kaifeng Mansion as the third envoy. When Shenzong was established, he served as deputy privy envoy, participated in political affairs, and supported Wang Anshi's reform. He was also appointed as the Xuanfu envoy of Shaanxi Province. He worshiped Tong Zhongshu's subordinate Ping Zhangshi, became a bachelor of Zhaowen Hall, and a bachelor of Guanwen Palace. After Wang Anshi resigned as prime minister, he replaced him as prime minister. At the beginning of Yuanfeng Dynasty, he served as the military envoy of Jianxiong Army. Zhe Zongli was appointed as the military governor of Zhenjiang, and he was responsible for the three divisions of Kaifu Yitong. He was granted the title of Duke of Kang, and was promoted to Sikong and Lieutenant of the Inspection Commission. He died at the age of seventy-seven and was given the posthumous title Xiansu. Jiang Gonghaohan, his calligraphers Fayan Zhenqing and Liu Gongquan, have a strong and upright style.




"Your Majesty's Notice" in running script, paper, length 29.7cm, width 40.8cm

  There are thirteen lines, each line has a different number of words, totaling ninety-five words.
  Explanation: Jiang Dun bowed his head and asked for a farewell visit, saying that he had not been seen by his majesty and that he was not as good as the boat. This was a sign of frightened love and sincerity. The conversation was right from afar, and the most important thing is to double my love. I left here and thanked you without saying anything in a hurry. Jiang paid homage again and became a brother of the same year. Seventeenth day. In one corner of the book, there are thirteen thousand money, seventy-seven square meters, and two scrolls of paper. I also ask someone to send it to the magistrate of Qiantang County, my brother Taizhu. Easy to get into trouble, not worthy of shame, not worthy of shame