Guo Tianxi (? 1227-? 1302), courtesy name Youzhi and alias Beishan, was a censor. He was a native of Datong (Yunzhong), Shanxi, or Tianshui. He lived in Hangzhou and lived in Ganquanfang. Because he has Wang Xizhi's "Quick Snow Time" in his possession "Qingtie" (not the Sanxitang ink edition of the later Qing Dynasty), so he signed it as "Kuaixuezhai" where he lived. He was one of the important connoisseurs in the early Yuan Dynasty, and worked with Zhao Mengfu, Xian Yushu, and Qiao Shang. Cheng and others often interact with each other. He collected many famous ancient Dharma books, which are still handed down to the world today, such as the Tang Dynasty copies of "Preface to Shenlong Benlan Pavilion", "Meng Dian Tie", "Coral Tie" and "Fu Guan", as well as Jin people's "Cao Guan". "E'e Ci Volume" and so on. There are often various seals on the seals, such as "Tianxi" square seal with white text, "Jincheng Guoshi" Zhu Wen square seal, "Kuaixuezhai" Zhu Wen rectangular seal, "Beishan Treasures" white text square seal, etc.


Guo Tianxi's "Postscript to Wang Xianzhi's Nanny", small regular script, paper.