Kangli Xisi (1295-1345), courtesy name Zishan, also known as Zhengzhai and Shusou, was from Semu Kangli tribe and was a famous calligrapher of ethnic minorities in the Yuan Dynasty. When he was young, he received a full education in Chinese culture in the Royal Library, and later served as the teacher of Emperor Wenzong and Emperor Shun. He is an honest and upright minister. Zishan Shuzhengshu studied Yu Shinan and Zhong Yao, and practiced Cao Zongxian. The cursive script still has the style of Zhong Wang, which is strong, round and majestic, and has great personal characteristics. He studied calligraphy extremely diligently. It is said that he can "write thirty thousand words a day" which is three times as much as Taoist Songxue's "shuttle ten thousand words a day". It is indeed amazing! "History of the Yuan Dynasty·Biography" says: "Shenzhen's cursive writing, those who know it say he has the meaning of Jin people's penmanship, a single piece of paper, people compete for the treasure, no gold or jade." The book is as famous as Zhao Mengfu, Xian Yushu, and Deng Wenyuan, and is known as "Northern China". Xinan Zhao".

His achievements are mainly in cursive writing, and his representative works include "The Scroll of Banishing the Dragon", "The Scroll of Li Bai's Ancient Style Poems", and "The Scroll of Shu Brushwork", etc.