Li Ti (?-1331?), courtesy name Shihong, was from Taiyuan, Hedong. The official Jixian served as a bachelor. In Dade, he served as the general manager of Linjiang Road, and later as the general manager of Yanping Road, and was the salt transport envoy of Zhejiang and Zhejiang provinces. He is good at poetry and prose, calligraphy and painting, and is especially famous for his ink bamboo. "Wen Fu" is a calligraphy post from Lu and Cambodia's trip in the Tang Dynasty. Ink on paper. The calligraphy is graceful and elegant, very similar to "Lanting Preface". There are postscripts by Zhao Mengfu, Li Ti, Wei Su, Sun Chengze and others. The handwriting of Li Ti's postscript is vigorous and relaxed, and the writing style is rich and thin, gentle and rounded, and has the charm of a right-wing army. 


Scroll of Calligraphy and Fu after Lu and Cambodia, paper, 23.3cm in length, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei