Huang Hui's courtesy name is Pingqian, his first name is Zhaosu, and his nickname is Shenxuan. Date of birth and death unknown. He was a native of Nanchong, Sichuan. In the 17th year of Wanli (1589), Jinshi selected common people and were granted the title of editor and editor. When he was promoted to Zhan Shi Mansion, he was appointed as Shao Zhan Shi. His colleagues in the library for seventeen years praised Tao Zhou Wang for his poetry and Dong Qichang for his calligraphy and painting, and Hui's poems and calligraphy were as famous as them. The regular script is written by Zhong Yuanchang (燇), and he also writes running script. He can operate the machine alone, and even if he puts it in ancient posts, it cannot be re-identified.


Huang Hui's "Five Rhymed Poems in Running Script"