Hou Tongzeng (1591-1645) was a scholar in the late Ming Dynasty. The word Yuzhan. A native of Jiading (now part of Shanghai). Tianqi Jinshi. He once participated in politics in Zhejiang Province. In the first year of Hongguang (1645), people in Jiading revolted against the Qing Dynasty. He and Huang Chunyao were promoted as leaders and held firm for more than ten days. After the city was destroyed, he and his two sons died of lack of water.

He is also good at poetry and calligraphy. The calligraphy is powerful, clear and beautiful, with good posture. His works include "The Complete Book of Jiangxi Academic Affairs" and "Na Yan Cun Manuscript".


Hou Tongzeng's "Seven-Character Rhythmic Poetry Fan in Running Script"

Hou Tongzeng's "Scroll of Five Character Quatrains in Cursive Script"